JVC e-Shift2 4K Scaling Projectors DLA-X95R Flagship

We don’t often cover projectors too much here at HDTV News, and tend to focus on the TV side of the home theater market.

But with the amount of large (84-Inch) 4K TVs recently announced, with price tags to match, we thought we would cover another way to get a large 4K image at a lower price.

The newly announced JVC e-Shift2 “4k Precision” upconverting projectors have just been announced over at CEDIA 2012.

While they can’t accept native 4K inputs (which isn’t really available right now), it uses e-Shift 2 technology, which upscales to 4K by creaing two 1080p frames from the HD source, and “Shifts” one down and the right right. This produces a higher 4K resolution of over 8 megapixels.

JVC say that the new e-Shift2 technology delivers a higher native contrast and improved image processing over the previous e-Shift technology, thanks to new algorithms and polarizing wire grid engine.

All the new models are 3D capable and work with RF-connected active shutter glasses. You can also control them via your smartphone and app.



The flagship JVC DLA-X95R and DLA-RS66 offer a 13,000:1 native contrast ratio, while the next in line JVC DLA-X75R and DLA-RS56 have a 90,000:1 contrast ratio.

The JVC DLA-X35 and DLA-RS46 have a 50,000:1 contrast ratio, but a more attractive price tag, the X35 is available with a white or black finish.

All models will be available in November 2012.

  • JVC DLA-X95R / DLA-RS66 $11,999
  • JVC DLA-X75R / DLA-RS56 $7,999
  • JVC DLA-RS4810 $5,095
  • JVC DLA-X55R / DLA-RS48 $4,999
  • JVC DLA-X35 / DLA-RS46 $3,499
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