JVC RS-840UD 84-Inch 4K TV Announced

With both Sony and LG releasing 84-Inch 4K TVs this year, it seems like that’s the size and resolution to aim for.

JVC now want to get in on the game as well and have just show off an early pre-production model of their very own 84-Inch 4K monitor.

They will release it early next year as the home theater branded JVC RS-840UD, and the professional monitor as the JVC PS-840UD. JVC are calling it the “world’s largest professional-grade 4K LCD monitors”.

The JVC RS-840UD has a gamma profile designed specifically for home theater. It uses an IPS LCD panel with 10 bit color depth and a 120Hz refresh rate. It has a slim bezel and a 178-degree viewing angle.



The ELED illuminated 84-Inch 4K screen produces “vibrant, natural images”. JVC say that they will market it as a complementary addition to JVC’s reference series, which are sold through CEDIA custom installers.

The JVC screen is different from the Sony and LG offering in one big way. It doesn’t support 3D. But JVC say that their monitor / TV will be priced much more competitively than their competition, which is currently $25,000 for the Sony, and $20,000 for the LG.

We’ll update as we get more information, but right now we’re pretty sure it won’t be any cheaper than the 4K projectors that JVC just announced!

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