Netflix Adds 4K Test Videos

Netflix have quietly added a number of 4K test videos to their service over the past week.

It has been no secret that Netflix want to be one of the very first to offer a 4K streaming service the the market. While we were at CES 2013 back in January Netflix were showing off their 4K streaming service on a Samsung TV [Video].

Netflix has also said that they hope to launch their 4K sometime next year, and it looks like with this test they’re getting a step closer. There are current 6 4K UHD clips available to access, they range from 24fps to 60fps.

If you have access the Netflix US, you can view these 4K clips here.

Right now it’s not too clear at what data rate Netflix are sending these clips out.

A few months ago Netflix launched Super HD streaming to everyone in the U.S. This is of course if your broad band’s speed is fast enough. Read more about Netflix Super HD here.

We expect to hear and see more of Netflix 4K over the next few months, and especially at CES 2014 where we will once again be providing in depth coverage.  Hopefully we will see some of these players supporting 4K streams.

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