Streaming In Netflix Super HD Quality

While at CES 2013 Netflix were showing off their new experimental 4K / Ultra HD streaming technology at Samsung’s booth. You can see my video of it here.

While this technology is still some time away, Netflix have recently introduced a new “Super HD” quality stream. While I do think this name is a little deceptive as unlike “Ultra” the “Super” is not some form of higher resolution. But while it’s not a higher resolution, it is of a higher quality, hence the “super”.

Netflix says “Netflix Super HD gives you superior video quality for the same low price. Beautiful, smooth playback on movies and TV shows that look amazing on your 1080p HDTV.”

The 1080p Netflix Super HD stream makes use of a new improved compression codec from EyeIO can reduces date usage by 50%, or provides improved picture quality at the same bit rate.

Netflix Super HD

Netflix Super HD

Okay, so how do you make sure you’re getting the new Super HD stream?

Well, firstly, somethings are in your control, and some are not.

You need an Internet connection with at least 5Mb/s download speed, and your ISP must be part of the “Open Connect Network”. Currently if your ISP (Internet Service Provider) hasn’t joined, you wouldn’t be able to stream in Super HD. For me in San Diego on Cox Internet, it reads “Your Internet Provider is not configured for Super HD yet.”

You can check this on Netflix here.

Netflix Super HD is currently supported on the following devices, but more will be added in the future:

  • Sony PlayStation 3
  • Apple TV with 1080p
  • Roku with 1080p
  • Nintendo Wii U
  • Windows 8 App
  • Blu-Ray Players and Smart TV’s with existing Netflix 1080p support

Netflix say that they’re adding support to more devices and even Smart Tvs which do not currently have the 1080p Netflix logo.┬á I personally hope they also add Windows 7.


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