Nintendo TVii now live on Wii U

It’s been a few months since Nintendo announced the Wii U and with it the impressive looking, and highly anticipated TVii feature.

The Wii has been out for sometime now, but at launch it didn’t come with the TVii feature. Nintendo promised a late December launch, and they have stuck true to their word, releasing the app / feature today!

Interestingly enough, you don’t even need to download the app, and should now be sitting there waiting to be used. Simply turn on your Nintendo and select Nintendo TVii.

Nintendo TVii promised to unite all your various media services together allowing them to all be controlled and accessed through one application, TVii. The promo video (embedded below) looks very promising.

Unfortunately TiVo and Netflix integration, as promised has yet to be added, but Nintendo say that the integration will arrive in January. It’s important to note that these apps aren’t created by Nintendo themselves, so this could be why there are some delays.

I believe that Nintendo TVii is a step towards unifying all of our ever expanding number of media streams and choices into one place. I can also see traditional services such as cable, over the air, and satalie facing more competition from “the cloud” DVRs and online streaming services.

Have TVii? LEt us know your impressions!

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