Popcorn Hour A-400 3D Streamer Announced

Sybas have just announced their latest Popcorn Hour A-400 3D media streamer / jukebox to the world.

The networked media player currently stands out from the others on the market by being the first to make use of the powerful Sigma Design’s Dual Core 800Mhz SMP 8911 chipset.

This dual-core power enables it to offer a very fast and responsive interface, along with being able to pump out 3D blu-ray content. It also supports studio-level features such as superior detail enhancement and debanding.

It builds on the Popcorn Hour A-300 streamer and has a quick dock feature for quickly adding or removing a 2.5 or 3.5-inch hard drive. With Gigabit Ethernet or WiFi on the A-400 adding a hard drive essentially Network attached storage device (NAS).

Popcorn Hour A-400

Popcorn Hour A-400

The Popcorn Hour A-400 also has a premium aluminum case which not only looks great, but acts at a giant heatsink with it’s vents and fins. Ports on the A-400 include HDMI 1.4 outputs, eSATA, USB 2.0 and 3.0, and an SD card reader.

Along with being able to playback 3D content of your own, the A-400 also include the Syabas Apps Market which has iPlayer, YouTube and more.

We have just heard directly from Syabas that the Popcorn Hour A400 will support 3D .ISO and .m2ts rips, either stand alone or IFO/BDMV folder structure. Their previous A-300 couldn’t decode the MVC-1 frame by frame 3D video, but the A-400 can playback pretty much all 3D content you will find.

Expect to find the Popcorn Hour A-400 available worldwide from October / November for $249.

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