REDRAY Player Announced – 4K Player & ODEMAX Distribution

Now this is some news we can really get excited about!

RED who are best know for their Red one and Red Epic 4K digital cinema cameras, which have been used on films such as the Hobbit to record 4K / Ultra HD 3D footage at 48 fps rather than the standard 24fps, have some very impressive news.

While they have had huge success in the recording department, they’re now breaking into the playback and distribution of 4K content to both the theater and consumer market!

Red have just announced the REDRAY Player. This 4K player which will be available in March 2013 has a pricetag of $1,450 and is capable of 4K output and features 6x HDMI outputs.

While there is a quickly growing range of 4K HDTVs, most notably the 84-Inch offerings from Sony and LG, right now there are no real players to connect up to these beauties to playback native 4K ultra HD content, until now.

Red Redray 4K Player

Red Redray 4K Player

The Red-ray Player can deliver 4K content via its 1TB hard drive or from streaming it via the Internet. One of the HDMI outputs is HDMI 1.4 and can output 4K content to your 4K display, while the others can be used together to create a 3D 4K output. It can support frame rates from between 24fps to 60fps, as well as outputting the native 3D 4K 48fps that the Hobbit was recorded in.

The Redray 4K cinema player can also upconvert HD content to 4K. But by the looks of it, right now it only supports .RED files. So non Redray files will have to be converted first, but a RRENCODE license is included with the purchase.

Along with an Ethernet port, there is also an ESATA, SD card slot, and USB port for connecting up external storage. The included 1TB drive should be able to store about 100 hours of 4K content. For direct Internet streaming you would need a connection of at least 25Mbit/s.

You would have noticed we have been talking a lot about streaming. RED are also getting into streaming and content delivery in a big way. They have launched ODEMAX “distribution Platform for REDRAY”. This will deliver 4K content to the Redray RED Digital Cinema in a secure way.

Red are moving in to the whole movie business, from recording, to delivering, to playback. Right now there is no word on any disc format 4K. Could ODEMAX and Internet distribution be the answer?

The Redray will be available in March 2013 for $1,450.  We hope to see this in action in person at CES 2013!

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