NOW TV Gets added to Roku LT & 2 XS

Both Roku and Sky’s NOW TV look set to get a boost by combining their forces.

While Roku is well know in the U.S it is fairly new and relatively unknown in the U.K right now, but Roku look set to change that by adding NOW TVs streaming service.

From today, NOW TV customers can now use their Roku LT or Roku 2 XS streaming boxes to stream over 600 movies from NOW TV. This includes recent blockbuster movies and up to 20 new premiers each month. These premiers are available for at least 12 months before they’re available on Netflix or similar service.

NOW TV is the UKs most popular subscription movie series, and has no contact. You can sign up right now for a free 30 day trial, and then take advantage of a three month intro offer for £8.99 a month.

Roku Now TV

Roku Now TV

Over the new next months NOW TV will also be adding live sport actions from Sky Sports. This includes the Barclay’s Premier League, UEFA Champions League, ATP Tennis, F1, Master Golf, England Test Cricket, Heineken Cup rugby and more. Shows rom Sky 1, Sky Atlantic and more will also be added to the service in the future.

The Roku LT model is the basic model, has 720p and WiFi only and costs £49.99, while the Roku 2 XS has 1080p and both WiFi and Ethernet for £99.

This comes after Sky recently added iPlayer and other streaming / on demand services to their Sky HD box. It’s a clear sign that these technologies are combining

It’s a win for both NOW TV and Roku, but will the higher price of NOW TV’s services put people off? If you’re a true movie buff, it seems like a great choice, but if you’re more of a casual viewer, you might be happy waiting longer for it to show up on Netflix or similar.

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