Roku Smart TV Platform Funded

Roku are the leaders in streaming media boxes, and along with Apple TV share a good 90% of the market.

Roku recently released the Roku 3, which boasted a brand new interface which makes accessing and searching for programs a lot easier. Over the past few weeks they have been rolling out this new interface to a number of the more recently older models.

Roku have just announced that they have raised $60 in funding for future developments, namely a Roku Smart TV platform. With Smart TVs getting more and more powerful, and offering a whole host of streaming features and catchup apps, I’m sure Roku are feeling the heat and are worried about declining sales. After all, who would buy a Roku when their new shiny Smart TV offers very similar features.

New investor Fidelity, joins BSkyB (Sky TV UK) ,News Corp. and Dish.

Roku Smart TV

Roku Smart TV

Roku are hoping to get their software installed by standard on a new way of Smart TVs coming to the market in the future. Saying that most manufacturers, with the exception of Samsung are likely to be interested. I would have to agree that Samsung are way ahead of most in the Smart TV area, with LG not far behind.

We wish Roku all the luck, and are interested in how it will develop. But with Smart Tvs, and next generation gaming consoles coming soon, it’s getting to be a very crowded market.

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