Police Search Samsung Office in OLED Technology Leak

There are two fierce competitions going on right now in the TV world, the first is the 4K race, with a number of manufactures now joining in the competition, the second is the OLED race, and this is turning into a very fierce battle.

Back in 2012, both LG and Samsung unveiled their own very impressive 55-inch OLED HDTV. Neither of these OLED TVs were released in 2012, but come CES 2013 earlier in the year both were back with their very latest version of their OLED TVs.

So far only LG have released their 55-inch OLED TV, while the Samsung OLED TV release date gets pushed back.

South Korean police have searched Samsung’s display-making unit offices in connection with an investigation into alleged technology theft. Samsung have reported that the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency went to its headquarters in Asan, searching for documents relating to the technology.

Bloomberg report that police are investigating wither partner of rival LG Display leaked technology secrets, and whether Samsung is involved. Both Samsung and LG have been involved in criminal probes of alleged technology since 2012. In July 2012, six LG Display employees were charged over theft of OLED technology from Samsung.

Samsung OLED ES9500

Samsung OLED ES9500

LG Display say that they didn’t report Samsung to the police. And said, in July that the employees changed with leaking was widely known in the industry and wasn’t considered trade secrets.

“We have no reason to steal other companies’ technology, as we have the world’s best OLED technology,” Jun Eun Sun, a spokeswoman for Samsung said.

“The latest investigation is related to large-sized OLED TV panel technology, but the police have made the allegation themselves,” Son Young Jun, a Seoul-based LG Display spokesman.

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