Sceptre Rimless Series HDTVs & WiFi Soundbar

It looks like Sceptre couldn’t wait for CES 2013 to kick off at the beginning of next month, and have already put out their press release, which by the looks of it was written to be released during the event.

We’re used to seeing a number of CES products leak, intentionally or not before the show even kicks off. We have yet to cover any Sceptre HDTV news on our site, but thought it was worth a mention as they have some interesting products coming our way.

Sceptre, which is a brand we’re more used to seeing at stores like Walmart are aiming big this year, in more ways than one.

Firstly they are going to be showing off their new series of “Rimless” HDTVs which have and ultra slim edge design less then 4mm wide. They’ll also be available in a number of color options. They also feature a MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) which will work with products such as the Roku Steaming Stick we have previous covered.

Sceptre Rimless HDTV

Sceptre Rimless HDTV

Their HDTVs will be available from the modest 16-inch version, all the way upto a massive 84-Inch monster.

They’re also going to be releasing the world’s first WiFi 2.1 enabled sound bar. While Sceptre don’t go into much detail, they basically say that the soundbar will convert any HDTV into a Smart TV. This is the first time we have ever heard of this approach, and to be honest it sounds like a very cleaver one. Most HDTVs now days, with the exception of something from Bang & Olufsen or the $25,000 UHDTV from Sony, have downward firing speakers rather the front firing, so to get decent sound you will need to add a soundbar or similar. Why not also upgrade your TV to a SmartTV while upgrading the sound.

Sceptre also mention a new series of rimless monitors, and other soundbars. Sceptre will be at CES 2013, we’re hoping we have time to checkout their offerings while we’re there.

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