Seiki SE50UY04: Cheapest 50-inch 4K Ultra HDTV

Until very recently the cheapest 4K Ultra HD TV you could buy was the $20,000 84-inch LG 4K TV, or the $25,000 Sony equivalent.

Just days ago Sony announced their pricing on their smaller 55-inch and 65-inch 4K models at a very reasonable $4,999, and $6,999 respectively, which will be shipping next month (May 2013).

Now Chinese TV manufacturer Seiki have come along with their own, slightly smaller, 50-inch 4K Ultra HD TV, the Seiki Chinese SE50UY04, and they’re only asking for $1,499.99 for it! It can currently be ordered and delivered for only $1,299.

The 50-inch Seiki 4K TV of course has a 4K resolution with an LCD panel boasting a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution. The Seiki SE50UY04 also features LED edge lighting, with a 120Hz refresh, 5000:1 Native, and 6.5ms response time. It features 3 HDMI inputs, along with analog RGB, and both types accept native 4K UHD content.

But of course, we can’t get away from the elephant in the room; available 4K content. While Sony has just announced their FMP-X1 4K Media Player, but this is reported to only work on Sony TVs. There is of course the upcoming Sony PS4, which can output 4K video content. Other than that, there are an increasing range of 4K blu-ray players which upscale the 1080p blu-ray to 4K.

While Seiki might not be a big brand such as Sony, Samsung or LG, they are offering the all important 4K resolution with a 50-inch LCD panel boasting a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution, of of course it might have the higher resolution, but just how the quality is of processing and all the others factors are currently unknown.

But we are pleased to see Seiki enter into the 4K market. There is no doubt that 4K is coming our way, maybe ever faster than we all expected!

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