Sky+ App Adds Remote Control Support For iPhone

With the advent of Smart TVs offering more and more functions and ways to view content and control your TV, Sky TV / British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) have been updating the Sky+ service with many new features.

Just a few weeks ago they added Sky+ On Demand service which allowed you to connect your Sky+ box up to any broadband Internet service (via your router or WiFi) to enable live streaming of catch up TV. It also included support for BBC iPlayer, ITV etc.

I connected my Sky+ HD box up to my router just last week and have been very impressed with the new, free service.

Now that Sky has people connecting their boxes to their home networks, Sky is also able to add another new feature. You can now use your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to control sky. This included changing channels, pausing, rewinding etc via the new Sky plus app. Essentially turning your phone into an additional remote control.

For the remote control function, both your Sky+ HD box, and your phone must be connected to the same home network. Phone obviously via WiFi, and the Sky+ box either via Ethernet or WiFi. View Sky’s latest news for more infor.

Unfortunately there is no Andriod app update to add this function just yet, it is planned for a few months time. I checked the Sky+ app on my android phone, and it hasn’t been updated to work as a remote. I can currently browse the TV schedule, and select to record.

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