Sky NowTV Internet TV Announced

Sky have just revealed more details on its new upcoming Internet TV streaming service, now known as Sky NowTV.

The new service will be launched in the UK this summer. Sky was the first to launch HD programming in the UK and is currently the largest provider.

Sky have been offering their online “Sky Anytime” service to Sky TV subscribers for sometime now, but looks set to get deeper involved in the online video streaming market.

The Sky NowTV Internet streaming TV service will be available to everyone in the UK (whether a Sky TV subscriber or not) on a pay-as-you-go or contract basis.

The Now TV service will be available on smartphones, laptops, tablets and Smart TVs. It will initially launch limited to just films, with sports and entertainment programs following later. The service will be in competition with Netflix and Lovefilm.

Sky NowTV

Sky NowTV

Sky’s current Internet offerings and apps will continue as normal, while Sky are targeting the “13 million UK homes” without any form of PayTV.

Sky are clearly trying to keep up with the times and say “As the quality of the TV experience over broadband has improved, people have become more willing to consume content in different ways,”.

I personally have Sky HD, but also have Netflix and love the HD streaming quality, and find myself using Netflix more and more.  I’m excited to see where this new service goes.

Via BBC News & Sky NowTV

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