Smart TV Alliance: Bang & Olufsen Rumored To Join

You probably haven’t heard much about the “Smart TV alliance” and their Smart TV 2.0 SDK.

Right now the major Smart TV manufacturers are developing their own Smart TV platforms independently. For example Samsung’s is an entirely different offering to that from Sony. This makes life difficult for app development, as they have to be developed specifically for that platform.

LG and Philips along with new members Toshiba are part of the Smart TV alliance which aims at creating a unified Smart TV platform. Much like how Smart Phones from different brands run Android.

Smart TV Alliance

Smart TV Alliance

We are now hearing rumors that Bang & Olfsen are also joining the alliance.

While this has yet to be confirmed, it would make sense. Bang & Olufsen’s last set of HDTVs, while very impressive, lacked any form of Smart / app support beyond that of WiFi and DNLA media streaming.

According to, they say that Bang & Olufsen is planning on joining the alliance, and will be releasing on or more Smart TVs with the platform in the near future. They also say that it will have a unique Bang & Olufsen fear, so don’t worry about cookie cutter Smart TV interfaces coming from this group. This information apparently comes from deputy director Jan McNair, but we have the feeling things aren’t meant to be official just yet, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

With Bang & Olufsen’s big launch event less than two weeks away now, we’re hoping this could be one of their announcements. We’ll be there, so you’ll be the first to know!

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