Historic Super HD Broadcast – UK to Japan

While many people are still getting used to the terms Full HD / HD ready and now even more so 3D HDTV, the next technology Super Hi-Vision TV is getting even closer.

In an “Historic” first of its kind broadcast, a Super Hi-Vision TV broadcast has been transmitted from the UK to Japan. This broadcast of a gig by The Charlatans was sent over super high-speed Internet, rather than traditional satellites.

Super Hi-Vision is 16 times the resolution of our current Full HD, with a resolution of 7680-by-4320 pixels, rather than 1920 x 1080.

The technology has been developed by Japanese public broadcaster NHK, and they hope to broadcast in Super Hi-Vision by 2020.

The sensor in the camera used can capture such incredible detail, they found regular camera lens weren’t upto scratch and they had to have special lens created.

Source: BBC

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