Toshiba 5X3 4K 3DTV (Glasses Free 3D) Lauched

We have been hearing of the incredible Toshiba 5X3 glasses free 4K HDTV for some time now, and it looks like buyers over in Japan now have their chance to get their hands on the very latest of HDTV technology.

The Toshiba 5X3 is going to be available in just three days time (December 10th 2011) for a wallet draining 900,000 yen ($11,600 in USD).

It is important to note that this Toshiba Regza 5X3 is known as Toshiba ZL2 in Europe, but neither models currently have a North American release date.

The 5X3’s 4K resolution offers much sharper images than current standard 720p or 1080p devices, but it’s its autostereoscopic screen (glasses free) that really puts it ahead of the game.

Toshiba 55X3

Toshiba 55X3

The no glasses 3D technology works by adjusting the image for its viewers location using face tracking technology. Unfortunately when using this 3D technology the resolution drops to 720p.

Toshiba last showed off the 5X3 at last years CES where is was surrounded by impressed viewers. With CES only a few weeks away now, we hope to see it again with its full specifications, namely the CEVO Engine technology which helps to get the most out of the 4K resolution.

Via Impress.Jp (Japanese)

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