2013 Toshiba European TV Lineup

We have previously covered Toshiba’s entire 2013 TV lineup back in January at CES 2013, where we got eyes on and hands on of their impressive new lineup.

But of course this was from the U.S point of view, and their line up. Now a couple of months later, Toshiba are back, now this time in the U.K announcing their 2013 European lineup.

While sometimes it’s quite easy to see the tie between the US and UK / European models, with the same, or very similar model names, with Toshiba it looks like they have mixed things up a bit, so to make things easier, I believe this deserves its own article for the European / UK market.

Toshiba are going all out, and will be releasing three 4K Ultra HD TV this year. Simply known as the Toshiba 9 Series, the series will offer an 84-inch model completing with Sony and LG, along with two smaller models at 65-inchs and 58-inches. Model numbers: Toshiba 84L9363, 65L9363, and 58L9363.

It’s the smaller models which interest me more, as these will be closer to most people’s price ranges than the 84-inch 4K monsters that we see at $20,000+. We have more information on the Series 9 4K models here, in our U.S article where they are known as the L9300 series.

Toshiba 84L9363

Toshiba 84L9363

Along with an Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, they also boast advanced CEVO 4Kprocessing engine with upscaling, 2D to 3D conversion, and Toshiba’s latest Cloud TV platform with app support.

No pricing yet, but it will be available in the summer of 2013.

Along with the 4K Ultra HD TVs, Toshiba also has their more standard 1080p offerings in their series 1 to 7 range, which will be available in Europe and the U.S from May this year.

Their top of the range 7 series have a slim elegant design with a very thin bezel, and will be available in 40-inch, 50-inch and 58-inch models. They make use of edge LED backlighting, feature full 1080p HD, 200AMR picture processing, and 3D technology (active shutter, 2 pairs included).

Toshiba 7 Series

Toshiba 7 Series

They all include built in WiFi, Intel WiDi v3.5, USB video recording, and Toshiba’s Cloud TV platform with app support, including Skype support.

Next in line are the Toshiba 6 series range. The 6 series will be available in just 32-inch, and 40-inch sizes. These are also edge LED lit, with a slim design and nice brushed aluminum bottom. WiFi and WiDi are both supported. A Freeview HD tuner, Cloud TV and 100 AMR (Active Motion & Resolution) are featured.

Next up is the 4 series, which consist of the Toshiba L4 and Toshiba W4 series.  The L4 support the Cloud TV platform and playback from USB device.  They’re available in 32-inch, 49-inch, and 50-inch sizes, and feature WiFi and WiDi technology.  The Toshiba W4 is similar but only available in 32-inches, and features a lower 720p resolution, rather than the full 1080p HD.

Toshiba 4 Series

Toshiba 4 Series

Finally we have the Toshiba 1 and 2 series.  These are aimed squarely at the budget side of the market.  Most of the smaller sizes use 720p panels, but the larger models still have the Full HD resolution.

Be sure to watch our eyes on of the 2013 Toshiba lineup from CES (shows U.S model numbers).

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