55-Inch Toshiba 4K Glasses-Free 3DTV: Hands On

Just reading the title of this post, you know this is one very impressive TV. Not only it is a 4K HDTV, and a 3D TV, but Glasses Free 3D! This is considered by many to be the holy grail of 3D HDTV technology. Obviously allowing you to enjoy 3DTV without the clumsy 3D glasses.

We have known about the Toshiba 55LZ2 55-inch 4K Glasses free 3DTV for sometime now, as it is already available over in Japan (as the Toshiba 55X3), and in Germany (as the Toshiba 55LZ2), but until now we have had to take Toshiba’s words on just how good it is.

Engadget have just been lucky enough to get a hands on / eyes on view of this very impressed 4K 3DTV and they seem more than impressed. They said that the 4K mode is “down right breathtaking”, and that the glasses free (autostereoscopic 3D) technology has come a “long, long way” since previous protoytype demos from last year.

The 55-inch LED 3DTV supports local dimming for increased contrast ratios, and the glasses free technology can work with up to nine people at one time, but Toshiba say that the optimal number is four people or less.

Toshiba 4K Glasses Free 3DTV

Toshiba 4K Glasses Free 3DTV

The technology works by using a small camera in the base of the HDTV which tracks your face, and can divide the viewing area into up to nine areas for each viewer. You can also set it so the 3DTV display circles and arrows to help you move to the best possible position.

Engadget was a production model from outside the US, and the US version is said to be slightly different. Toshiba say this glasses free 4K 3DTV will be available Q1 2012 for about $10,000. Not exactly pocket change, but what can you expect for a game changing 3DTV like this!?

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