Toshiba REGZA Z8X Ultra HD TV | 84Z8X, 65Z8X, 58Z8X Announced

It seems that every week there is a new development in the 4K Ultra HD TV world, and another company releasing yet another 4K Ultra HDTV series.

This week it’s Toshiba’s time with their new REGZA Z8X series of 4K Ultra HDTVs which have just been announced over in Japan, and go on sale late next month (June 2013).

The Toshiba REGZA Z8X series will be available in three sizes, as the 84-inch Toshiba 84Z8X, 55-inch 65Z8X, and 58-inch 58Z8X. The 84-inch now seems to be the standard size for a large 4K Ultra HDTV, with the 65-inch and 55/58-inch sizes coming in next.

The Toshiba Z8X 4K TVs feature a newly developed image processor, the “REGZA CEVO 4k” which has been especially designed for the 4K TVs, to upscale and get the very best out of non 4K content. All three models of course feature a LCD panel with a 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution giving the 4K resolution.

Toshiba 84Z8X

Toshiba 84Z8X

An impressive feature of the Toshiba Z8X’s is its “Time Shift Machine” feature which enables you to record up to six channels at the same time for about 80 hours to watch later. Toshiba have taken this even further with the “Zanmai Play” functions, which will pick out programs that it thinks the user will be interested in, and record them for playback later.

This reminds us on Samsung’s S-recommendation feature, but takes it to the next level by actually recording those recommended programs. I looks like you will also need to purchase Toshiba’s THD-450T1 USB hard-drive, which features 4.5 TB to enable this recording feature.

Also, the Regza Z8X series are also the first in the industry that are compatible with the next-generation Japanese TV platform called Hybridcast, which can provides program information, and work with secondary devices such as tablets.

Right now only the 84-inch Toshiba Regza 84Z8X, which measures 191.6cm x 119.5cm x 45cm has a price. ¥1,680,000. This is about $16,500 USD. Which looks about right, if not slightly cheaper than the current offerings from Sony and LG.

No word on U.S or European dates or prices just yet, but we will keep you updated. We’re particularly interested in the smaller models, and curious to see weather the smaller58-inch model will come in at less the $4,000 or $5,000.

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2 Responses to “Toshiba REGZA Z8X Ultra HD TV | 84Z8X, 65Z8X, 58Z8X Announced”

  1. So far only Vizio has announced a 70″ UHD set. I have a 65VT50 now but would want at least a 75″ UHD. The 84″ would be nice also but the price needs to drop to single digits. I wonder why TV manufacturers have mainly passed over the 70″ club.

    • I agree with you Jbug.

      I think what most manufacturers are doing is: They all went big as they could, with 84 and 85-inch UHD TVs. Now they’re going small(er) to get the prices more reasonable.

      I would assume that most will concentrate on the smaller sizes and work up to bigger ones, closing the gap on the 84-inch models over time.