Ubuntu TV Demo

This might very well be the year of Smart TVs and the Google TV, but Ubuntu wants to get a piece of the action as well.

While still just a proof of concept and currently just running from an external media PC Ubuntu has high hopes for Ubuntu TV, and hopes to one day have the media-focused Linux system embedded into the latest HDTVs.

Running from the external PC and controlled from a Boxee remote control Ubuntu TV looked very sleek and smooth with a simple media browser and guide.

They have rather cleverly desired to group together areas of actions, such as “watching a movie”, rather than dividing it into the traditional areas such as “Local Media”, “Rentals”, “Live TV”, you can rather just search for the movie or action directly.

Only time will tell if any manufactures will adopt Ubuntu TV, but it certainly looks promising. Check out the official Ubuntu TV promo video below. or visit the official Ubuntu TV site

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