Ultra HDTV Standards Set (UHD)

While many people still don’t own a 1080p HDTV, let alone a 3D HDTV, we are already moving steadily along to the next higher standard.

Experts in the ITU study group on Broadcasting Service have agreed on several technical standards for the next level in HDTV, called Ultra high-definition, or UHD. Ultra high definition TV’s aka UDTVs won’t be around in showrooms for several years now, but setting the standard shows it’s well on its way.

3DTV is still very new, and we could see 4k HD before UHD / UHDTV. UHD has been set at 33 megapixels, that’s 16x that of 1080p HD.

Engadget have created a cool graphics demonstrating at just how much many more pixels there are in UHTV compared to HDTV and SD.


You might be thinking why would I need such a high resolution? Well, with glasses free HDTV being the holy grail of 3DTV. The higher resolution of UDH is expected to improve viewing angles of the lenticular technology which is needed for the glasses free 3D technology to work.

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