Worlds First Ultra HD transmission In H.265 HEVC

We’re starting to see more and more 4K / Ultra HD TVs coming to market, some at a crazy $40,000, others at a much more reasonable $5,000 from Sony, or just $1,500 from lesser known brands.

But before you can even talk about a 4K TV, you can’t avoid the issue of lack of content. Sure, Sony has their Sony FMP-X1 4K Media Player, but what about public broadcasts? Last week, LG demoed the world’s first 4K sporting event on their 84-inch 4K TV.

SES have made the worlds first Ultra HD transmission making use of the new H.264 HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) standard. Previously other 4K / Ultra HD transmissions have been made using the more standard, older H.264 codec, or joining together four 1080p streams to form the 4K resolution.

The new H.264 HEVC is 50% more efficient resulting in smaller bandwidth requirements or higher quality using the same amount of bandwidth / data. SES broadcasted a live 3,840 x 2,160 pixel 4K stream at a data rate of 20 Mbps.

ses ultrahd hevc

ses ultrahd hevc

The demo was provided by SES with support from their partners, Harmonic and Broadcom. Broadcom provided the BCM7445-based decoding box.

This is another small step, or medium sized step in the right directing. Driving 4K / Ultra HD closer to a mainstream reality.

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