Ultra High-Definition / Ultra HD / UHD Gets Official!

The CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) are trying to make things nice and simply in the evolving HD / TV world and have official announced “Ultra High-Definition” standards.

For the past year of so while writing about TVs with a 4K / Ultra HD resolution manufactures and us alike have struggled on which terms to use to correctly define the resolution of the TV.

Some manufactures have been going by “Ultra HD” while others have been using “4K”. So it’s nice to have an official answer to exactly which terms we should be using. As Ultra HD grows and becomes more popular this will be even more vital.

While officially known as Ultra High Definition, is has already been shorted to Ultra HD, and also UHD.

Ultra HD

Ultra HD

Interest enough, Sony, which already has a number of 4K / Ultra HD devices, such as a blu-ray player, and their 84-Inch 4K 84X900 TV, have decided to keep the 4K name. And are going to use “4K Ultra HD”. I feel this is a good idea as there will be no confusion.

According to the CEA the minimum performance attributes to be called an Ultra HD TV is at least 3,840 horizontally and at least 2,160 pixels vertically. With an aspect ratio of at least 16 x 9. And if they wish to use the Ultra HD label, at least one input on the TV / device must accept native 4K format, and no simply upscale.

There are also a few 8K products out there, so going by the CEA’s clarification, these will also be Ultra HD / UHD TVs. Which could cause some confusion.

Either way, the more Ultra HD / UHD / 4K TVs we see the better!

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