Westinghouse UW70T9VZ 70-Inch & 46-Inch UW46T5PZ Announced

It looks like Westinghouse were so excited about their huge upcoming 70-inch UW70T9VZ HDTV they simply couldn’t keep a lid on it.

They have just announced that the 70-inch Westinghouse UW70T9VZ, and 46-inch ultra slim UW46T5PZ HDTV will be unveiled at CES 2012 next month in Vegas.

Westinghouse UW70T9VZ

Westinghouse UW70T9VZ

Westinghouse UW70T9VZ (Not Actual Model)

The real show stopper in the huge 70-inch UW70T9VZ LED HDTV, and is the largest offering from Westinghouse to date, so it is little wonder why they are so excited by it.

Apart from the sheer size of the UW70T9VZ, we also know that it is an LED LCD HDTV with a 1080p resolution, a 120 Hz refresh rate, and fast 8ms response time.

Westinghouse UW46T5PZ

Sitting in the huge shadow of the UW70T9VZ, is the Westinghouse UW46T5PZ. This 46-inch HDTV is the first from their upcoming line of ulta-slim bezel LED HDTVs. Currently little is know about the UW46T5PZ, except that is has a 1080p panel.

Westinghouse WSB-N20BW

Westinghouse are also getting into the soundbar game with the WestinghouseWSB-N20BW series soundbar.  The WSB-N20BW features wireless bluetooth connectivity, 2 x 12 watt powerful speakers, and a class D amplifier.  It has a frequancy responce of 85Hz – 20Khz with enhanced bass response.

We are sure we will hear and see more of the 70-inch monster and the other two products from Westinghouse in early January, so be sure to check back then where we will have the latest information for you.

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