Xbox TV Device Coming Next Year?

Microsoft is rumored to be working on an “Xbox TV” which would rival the Apple TV and other similar streaming boxes.

Sources close to Microsoft have apparently spilled the beans on the low cost alternative to the main Xbox console. If the rumors are true the new Xbox TV could be streaming content to our HDTVs sometime next year.

While the net has been buzzing recently with rumors of an upcoming Apple HDTV / Smart TV, we think the Xbox rumors hold more water.

Further increasing Microsoft’s presence into the living room, the Xbox TV could be seen as a low cost next generation device, giving users a choice of either the Xbox TV, or the Full Xbox 720.

Xbox TV

It is rumored that the Xbox TV will run core components of Windows 8, and will be an “always on” device that is ready in seconds and can provide instant access to TV and other streaming services. The device will probably also support casual gaming titles, but don’t expect any full xbox type games. We’re thinking more along the lines of Angry Birds, which are available on Samsung’s latest Smart TVs.

No additional information is currently available for the “Xbox TV”, not even a real name, but we will be sure to keep a keen eye on this story.

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