HDTV News YouTube Channel Trailer

Here at HDTV News we’re proud to offer the most in depth video coverage when it comes to TV tech and all things home theater, whether it be the latest Smart TV lineup, 4K TVs, curved OLED TVs and more.

We don’t just attend the press events and re-write the provided press releases, we go the extra mile and capture the whole event as best we can to bring it to our readers.

As well as covering the major trade events such as CES, we also cover (and film) the smaller product launch events thrown by the individual manufactures. We have coverage from the U.S, England, Denmark and Germany.

Along with the press events we also have a growing number of popular TV video reviews.

Checkout our short HDTV News YouTube trailer below, and please be sure to subscribe! We currently have over 60 videos online and we’re constantly adding to it.

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