YouTube Starts Paid Subscription Only Channels

YouTube has had a partner program running since 2007, and currently has over a million partner channels.

YouTube has now launched another level to their partner program with their paid subscription fee service. A small number of channels are now subscription fee only, but this number is expected to rise soon.

Subscription fees start at just $0.99 per month, but can go much higher, for example to UFC channel is $5.99 a month. All channels have a 14 days free trial period to you can try before you buy as such.

All the videos on these subscription fee channels will be free of ads. I clicked on a few of these paid channels and it looks like you can watch up to 2mins of a longer video.

We love YouTube as much as the next person, and even host all of our videos there on our HDTV News YouTube channel (subscribe if you have yet to!), but I can’t see myself paying for a channel.

Youtube paid subscription

YouTube is clearly going after the Netflix / Hula paid market, and I think in that respect they stand a good chance. With this new business model and option in place, I’m sure we will see channels start to upload full episodes officially, rather than short clips and offer a whole lot more to the YouTube audience.

These subscription only channels will of course also be available on your Smartphone and Smart TVs as well.

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