LG 105UC9 (Left) LG 98UB9800 (Right)

LG’s 2014 4K Ultra TV Lineup: UB9800, UB9500, UB8500

After taking the wraps off of their huge 105-inch curved 4K ultra HD TV, the LG 105UC9, LG have now revealed the rest of their 4K ultra HD TV lineup, and it’s certainly impressive!

The LG UB9800 series is their premium 4K Ultra HD TV lineup, and comes in four sizes, as the 65-inch LG 65UB9800, 79-inch 79UB9800, 84-inch 84UB9800, and the huge 98-inch LG 98UB9800.

All the models in the UBB9800 series feature a “unique proprietary chip” which along with LG’s latest Tru-ULTRA HD Engine Pro enhances the Ultra HD resolution quality and image quality. An upgraded Super Resolution Algorithm provides improved upscalling quality by eliminating common visual errors found in other upscaling systems. 4K Motion estimation motion compensation (MENC) eliminates motion blur and “ensures that 4L content appears lifelike”.

We’re very pleased to hear that the UB9800 4K series have a built in 4K HEVCX 60p decoder.

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samsung 105-inch s9000

Samsung 110S9 110-Inch 4K TV Available for $150,000

If you remember back to last year’s CES 2013, Samsung wowed the world with their S9 series on 4K Ultra HDTVs. They were on display in three sizes, 85-inch, 95-inch, and 110-inch.

Later the 85-inch model became available to purchase for $40,000. We exclusively covered the TV at Selfridges in London, so be sure to watch that video.

But ever since then we have been waiting for more news on the other sizes. Samsung has now made the gigantic 110-inch model available to purchase for a equally gigantic $150,000!

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LG 77EC9800

LG’s 2014 OLED Lineup Announced

As we draw closer and closer to CES 2014, LG are gradually letting out more exciting information on their latest products which they’ll be showing off in Vegas!

A couple of weeks ago, they announced their huge, and we mean hugggge 105-inch 4K curved TV, today, they have taken the wraps off of an exciting new OLED TV line up.

LG have announced that they will be showing off the LG 77EC9800, a 77-inch curved 4K ultra OLED HD TV, along with new 55-inch and 65-inch OLED TV models. They will also have an “elegant” 55-inch Gallery OLED TV model (the LG 55EA8800) along with a new environmentally friendly 55-inch curved OLED TV, the LG 55EB9600, and the 55-inch 55EC9300 curved OLED TV.

The new models make use of LG’s proprietary WRGB OLED technology, along with a 4K (3840 x 2160 pixel) resolution, with increased viewer immersion, filling the viewer’s field of vision thanks to its curved screen.

The 77-inch LG 77EC9800 curved 4K OLED screen has a leaf shaped stand, and has already received CES 2014’s “Best of Innovations” award.

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Samsung 105-inch 4K Curved TV

Samsung 105-inch Curved 4K Ultra HD

Every now and then a we see manufacturers release their exciting new products ahead of CES, no doubt to try and gain the most attention.

This year we saw LG announce their very impressive 105-inch curved 4K Ultra HDTV to the world. Almost straight away after, Samsung pushed out press release also saying that they have a 105-inch curved 4K Ultra of their own!

Both of course claim to have the world’s first! We saw this last year with their 55-inch curved OLED TVs. Both LG and Samsung will be brining these 105-inch beautiful beasts to CES 2014, where we will be covering the event in every detail, so check back soon for more!

Samsung’s 105-inch curved ultra HD TV also has an ultra widescreen resolution of 5120×2160 pixels with a 21:9 aspect ratio.

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LG 105UB9

LG 105UC9 105-inch 4K Curved Ultra HDTV

LG have today announced the world’s first 21:9 aspect ratio curved Ultra HD TV. This exciting TV was clearly just too exciting for LG to keep under the wraps until CES 2014 at Vegas next month, and they have announced it ahead of the event. The beautiful curved Ultra HD TV will of course be at CES next month where we will be covering it!

The LG 105UB9 has a massive 105-inch ultrawide curved display, and makes it the world’s largest curved TV ever made.

Last year LG and Samsung wowed the world with their 55-inch curved OLED TVs. Since then LG has bought the 55-inch model to market, and has other larger sized models planned, such as their 77-inch 4K curved OLED model.

LG has clearly upped the size game here taking it to a massive 105-inches! We were at first surprised that this model, although curved and boasting a 4K ultra HD resolution actually makes use of an LCD panel rather than an OLED panel as we have previously seen in their curved TVs. LG say that they overcame the challenge of uneven backlighting by refining their Thin Film Transistor (TFT) pixel circuit technology, enabling them to make a curved LCD / LED TV.

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LG Curved OLED

Flexible OLED TVs at CES 2014? [Confirmed]

We’re now just one month away from CES 2014, which kicks off in Vegas in early January. We of course will be there with our cameras rolling covering the event in detail.

We’re hearing exciting rumors that Samsung and also LG will be showing off a new form of TV technology with a remote controlled flexible OLED TV!

Last year both LG and Samsung wowed with world with their curved OLED TVs (video). Since then we have seen LG bring their 55-inch curved OLED TV to the market, with 77-inch 4K and larger sized models planned.

We also saw a number of companies show off small flexible OLED screens (see video here).

Right now manufacturers are stuck between making both traditional “flat” OLED TVs, and curved OLED TVs, but with a controllable flexible OLED TV you would appear to be able to have the best of both worlds. You can apparently controlled just how curved the screen is by adjusting it with remote control.

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cyber monday

Cyber Monday HDTV Deals

Now that thanks giving and Black Friday are out of the way, it’s now time for Cyber Monday!

While you can of course get great deals on HDTVs on the street and also online, Cyber Monday is reserved exclusively for online deals!  While right now we have the best cyber Monday deals, Amazon are also running a Cyber Monday deals week, which as you probably guessed, runs all week long!

As these deals are changing all of the time, it’s not worth listing them all out here, so we recommend that you click over to the dedicated Amazon page here and check out all of the deals!

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Samsung F9000

4K Ultra HD TV Black Friday Deals! (Save up to 62%!)

While looking around for the best HD TV Black Friday deals, we found Amazon’s page listing their amazing deals on a big selection of 4K Ultra HDTVs!

Frankly, we were quite surprised by the deals, saving up to 62%! So if you’re looking for getting a 4K TV and a great price, we have found the page for you!

All of the popular Ultra HD TVs are on offer, including the most popular Samsung F9000 4K series where it’s currently available for less than $3000, saving a massive 54%.

Toshiba’s 4K offerings are also available at a great Black Friday deal with 62% off saving $4,300!

Sony’s and LG’s 4K Ultra HDTVs are also currently on offer for about 30% off!  Click the image below for the whole selection of 4K deals!

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2013 black friday

Black Friday HDTV Deals

Black Friday deals start earlier and earlier every year, with some brick and mortar stores now even starting the day before on Thanksgiving. Of course the smartest way to do it is to just shop the black Friday sales online.

Not only will you avoid the crazy lines and masses of people, but you will normally also find yourself better deals online.

Okay now down the the great 2013 HD TV black Friday deals!

We have been collecting all of the best deals online for you, and as always, Amazon seem to be offering the best and most drastic deals! They have officially teamed up with Samsung and are able to offer savings of up to 50% off! We’re confident that you won’t find a better deal online, or at a physical store.

Amazon have their Samsung HD TV Black Friday deals on two organized pages. Both are active.

The “Samsung Black Friday” savings page, and the “Samsung Black Friday Week Sales” page, the second seems to have more deals listed, and is sortable by screen size.

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Samsung H Series 2014 LED Series Revealed

Just a few days ago we wrote about the CES 2014 Innovations Awards, (where Samsung grabbed 24 awards, and LG 15) and mentioned how if we’re lucky these awards sometimes leak or reveal a number of previously unknown products from their 2014 lineups.

These Innovations Awards are awarded to products that will be on display at CES 2014 in January, and are of course feature products that will be released in 2014.

At the time of the awards, Samsung simply stated that they won numerous awards for their blu-ray players, ultra HDTVs and Smart TVs, but didn’t expand on it. We were somewhat disappointed that nothing leaked through the cracks from these awards. But lucky for us, we subscribe to all of the manufacturer’s news feeds, including their international sources.

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