Samsung Curved UHD TV

Samsung Curved 4K UHD TV Announced

Samsung have just announced the world’s first curved 4K Ultra HD TV over at IFA 2013 in Berlin.

We saw the first curved TV in the form of a curved OLED TV shown off by both LG and Samsung at CES 2013 back in January, both of which are now on the market. But until IFA we had only seen this “curved technology being used on OLED TV, never non OLED, nor with a 4K resolution.

Yesterday Sony announced a curved LED LCD TV at $4,000.

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Samsung UHD 4K OLED TV

Samsung 4K Ultra HD OLED TV Unveiled

Over at IFA 2013, Samsung have just unveiled a very very impressive 55-inch 4K Ultra HD OLED TV.

Before you get too excited, it’s currently a prototype model. Samsung and LG have been the first two companies to show off and release an OLED TV to the market, along with 4K TVs, but this is the first time we have seen Samsung combine both 4K and OLED technology in one TV.

Samsung were not the first to do to this though, as Sony showed off a 4K OLED TV back in January 2013 at CES 2013.

In our eyes a 4K OLED TV is the holy grail of TVs. It combines the ultra high detail and clarity of the 4K Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, 4x that of 1080p, along with the brilliant OLED technology which provides the very best in colors and contrast.

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Sony KDL-65W850A

Sony KDL-65W850A 65-Inch LED TV Launched

Sony has been very busy at this years IFA show in Berlin, and have announced a number of new products including a curved LED TV, and new 4K ultra HDTVs.

Along with these announcements, Sony also took the wraps off of the Sony W850A series, which consists solely of the 65-inch Sony KDL-65W850A.

The Sony Sony 5W850A looks to have a very similar design to the W9 series announced at CES earlier this year, and it also features a Full HD 1080p LED LCD panel. The W9 series caps out at 55-inches, so this will be great news for someone who has been eying the W9 series, but longing for a larger model.

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Sony KDL-65S990A

Sony KDL-65S990A Curved LED LCD TV

Sony have just announced the KDL-65S990A 65-inch curved LED LCD TV. If you have been paying attention, that makes it the worlds first curved LED TV. We have of course previously seen curved OLED TVs.

Both LG and Samsung were the first to show off a curved OLED TV at CES 2013 earlier in the year, and have both recently brought them to market. The curved OLED TV was the first OLED TV to be released in the U.S.

If you were anything like us, we were thinking that the curved technology was unique to OLED technology, but now thanks to the Sony 65S990A curved OLED TV, this clearly isn’t the case.

Unlike the curved LG OLED TV which costs $15,000, and the Samsung curved OLED model which costs $9,000, the Sony S990A curved LED edge lit TV costs “just” $3,999.99.

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Sony X8 4K TV

Sony X8 55X850A, 65X850A Cheaper 4K TV

Sony have been very busy at IFA 2013 and have just announced the Sony X8 series of 4K Ultra HD TVs.

The X8 series is very similar the the X9 series which was announced earlier in the year at CES 2013, but the X8 have a lower price point, and do not feature the advanced “elephant ear” magnetic fluid speakers.

Sony is now leading the Ultra HD TV market with five 4K ultra HDTVs.

The Sony X8 55-inch XBR-55X850A ($3,499) and 65-inch XBR-65X850A ($4,499) will be available in stores “shortly”.

While they have lost the extra wide speakers, and enjoy a lower asking price, it looks like it hasn’t lost any other features, and of course has the 4K 3840 x 2160-pixel resolution.

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IFA 2013

IFA 2013 TV News

It’s that time of year again, IFA 2013 kicks off today (Wed 3rd of September) over in Berlin, Germany. It’s the second biggest electronics trade show in the world after the huge CES.

Basically for you and I, that means all of the major TV manufacturers will be announcing all of their latest products. While we don’t expect to see entire new product line refreshes as we do with CES, we can be sure to expect a few new models, and a few exciting products!

This page will be constantly updated with all of the IFA 2013 TV news, so be sure to keep checking back.

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LG 55EA8800 Gallery OLED TV Announced

LG have just announced their latest OLED TV. The LG 55EA8800 GALLERY OLED TV, will be on display from tomorrow at IFA 2013 in Berlin, Germany.

The LG 55EA8800 is a standard “flat” OLED TV, as opposed to their “curved” OLEDTV which is now available on the U.S and European markets. But this flat OLED TV features a rather unique frame. This frame features an “powerful yet unobtrusive Canvas Speaker”.

LG say the frame is more than just an attractive design detail, and features a 2.2 channel sound system. The forward facing canvas speakers provide rich an full bodies audio along with an artistic theme.

A special “Gallery Mode” enables the user to view high resoltuion images of paintings by famous artists, along with personal photos.

While using the LG 55EA8800 OLED TV as a means of displays art might not be your first idea, it of course has the amazing OLED display which offers true blacks, and higher contrast ratios and black levels than any LED or plasma TV.

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Sony NSZ-GU1

Sony NSZ-GU1 Google TV Dongle

Sony for sometime now have been trying to get some form of their Google TV platform off of the ground, but they’ve not been having too much luck.

But we’re now in a post Google Chromecast world and now suddenly everyone can’t get enough of the Google powered device.

Documents have leaked from the FCC of an upcoming device from Sony. The Sony NSZ-GU1 is a dongle device, not too dissimilar to the Google Chromecast (view our Chromecast review), only larger, with a HDMI pass through port thrown in.

But the NSZ-GU1 is more than the Chromecast, it’s essentially the Chromecast + Google TV. It will offer a full interface, with app support, and built in streaming services.

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98-inch 4K UHD Video Wall

Samsung 98-inch 4K Video Wall & 31.5-inch 4K Monitor

Samsung are going to have quite the display at IFA 2013 next week! They have announced that they’re going to have a 98-inch 4K video wall.

This 98-inch video wall has been designed for commercial purposes and consists of three 4K panels turned on their sides to create the large sized video wall. Samsung say the display is roughly the size of a typical compact car.

While 98-inches sure sounds impressive, it’s not as impressive as the 110-inch inch 4K Ultra HD TV that we saw at CES 2013. Samsung has since released the 85-inch version of the S9 series.

Along with the video wall, Samsung are also showing off a 31.5-inch 4K computer monitor which is aimed at photographers and video editors.

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LG LAP340 Sound Plate at IFA

With IFA 2013 just days away now, LG have already announced a number of audio video products which they’ll be showing off.

While they’ll be showing off their popular NB4530A and NB5530A Sound Bars, they also have a new twist on the soundbar design, a “Sound Plate“.

The LG LAP340 Sound Plate is essentially a very flat and wide soundbar. But rather than being placed in front of the TV or wall mounted below the TV, the TV is placed directly onto the Soundplate.

LG say that the LAP340 can be placed under any 32-inch to 55-inch TV and saves space.

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