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Panasonic TC-L65WT600

Panasonic TX-L65WT600 4K TV Announced

Panasonic have announced and launched their very first 4K Ultra HDTV at IFA 2013 in Berlin.

Their 65-inch Panasonic TX-L65WT600 Ultra HD TV from the WT600 series also grabs a world’s first, by being the first 4K TV to support the newly announced HDMI 2.0 input. This means it can support a 4K video singal with 60p, 50/60Hz allowing a frame rate of upto 60fps rather than 24fps. Sony has announced that their new “cheaper” XBR-55X850A, XBR-65X850A (X8) will support HDMI 2.0 out of the box, and their X9 models will receive a firmware update shortly adding support.

The Panasonic TX-L65WT600 of course has a 4K Ultra HD resoltuion of 3840 x 2160 pixels, 4x that of standard 1080p full HD, and is LED edge lit. It makes use of an LCD panel, so no famous Panasonic plasma here, but we doubt we will see a 4K plasma panel from anyone as everyone is slowly moving towards OLED.

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Panasonic 4K TV

Panasonic 4K TVs by Fall

Most of the major HDTV manufacturers have not only announced their 4K TVs, but over the past few weeks have released them to the U.S Market. This list includes Sony, Samsung and LG, along with a number of the cheaper brands.

But when it comes to Panasonic, they have yet to have any official word on any upcoming 4K TV.

But this could all change this fall, if reports from Nikkei are correct.

They are reporting that Panasonic aims to release 4K TVs sized 50-inches and bigger from this Fall.

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Panasonic 4K TV

Panasonic To Push 4K Ultra HD by 2014

Panasonic has announced at the NAB 2013 Show in Las Vegas, that it has plans to refresh its entire range of HD products to 4K Ultra HD standard, by as early as 2014.

We are seeing an ever increasing push into 4K, which has been primarily lead by Sony and LG. Sony have announced two smaller 4K Ultra HD TVs at 55-inch and 65-inch, with a starting price of just $4999, while Seiki have come along with their own 50-inch 4K TV at just $1,299.

While Panasonic didn’t introduce any 4K TVs in the 2013 Plasma or LED LCD TV lineups, they did show off a very impressive 4K OLED prototype TV.

Panasonic has stated that everything they currently make in HD, they will be making in 4K in the future.

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Panasonic WT60

2013 Panasonic LED LCD TV Prices & Release Dates

Panasonic’s latest 2013 LCD HDTVs have gained a lot of attention since their launch this January as CES 2013.

Like most manufacturers, when they announced their latest models, while they revealed the actual TVs, features, specifications and model names, they held back the pricing information.

We have already posted some of the 2013 Panasonic plasma TV prices, now we’re glad to be able to bring you the 2013 Panasonic LED LCD TV prices also!

All of the models listed below, unless marked by an Astrix have a release date of around March 30th in the U.S.

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Panasonic ZT60

2013 Panasonic Plasma TV Prices

There has been a huge interest in Panasonic’s new HDTVs, especially their new 2013 plasma TV models ever since their unavailing at CES 2013 a couple of months ago.

While Panasonic spilled the beans on the new series, model number, specifications and features, like most manufacturers, they held back the pricing and availability information. Well that all changes today!

Along with the previously posted 2013 Panasonic LCD TV prices, and the ST60, S60 plasma series, we’re glad to bring you pricing for the entire plasma HDTV lineup!

Updated April 15th:  Prices and dates corrected.

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Panasonic ZT60

Panasonic To Exit Plasma TV Market

Just the title alone lays a devastating blow to many loyal Panasonic plasma TV fans around the world.

We have been hearing rumors for sometime now that Panasonic had closed down its research and development department and has plans to pull out of the plasma market altogether.

Yesterday Panasonic was throwing an event in New York, where Panasonic Display Vice President Kiyoshi Okamoto confirmed to the Verge, that the Panasonic ZT60 uses the “last plasma panel” from research and development.

Kiyoshi Okamoto was also quick to note that just because this was the last panel, it doesn’t mean that it is the last Panasonic plasma TV.

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Panasonic DMP-MST60

Panasonic DMP-MST60, DMP-MS10 Streamers Available

Panasonic announced a whole range of new blu-ray players, and two media streamers back at CES 2013 in January. While we covered their new HDTVs in great depth (plasma, LCD), we had yet to cover these players.

Panasonic have just announced that their two media streamers, the Panasonic DMP-MST60, and DMP-MS10 are now available to order and shipping to customers.

Due to this news, it seems the perfect time to cover them in more detail.

As you would probably have guessed, the Panasonic DMP-MST60 is the flagship model, and will cost $99.99, while the more basic Panasonic DMP-MS10 will cost just $79.99.

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Panasonic ST60

Panasonic ST60, S60 Plasma Pricing

Panasonic’s latest 2013 range of plasma HDTVs have gained a lot of interest and attention since their launch a couple of weeks ago at CES 2013.

We have outlined the whole 2013 Panasonic HDTV lineup, so be sure to give that a good look over first for more information and features, along with our hands on video of the lineup.

At the time of launch Panasonic revealed the series, model numbers and sizes, but held back any information regarding prices.

We’re expecting for the 2013 HDTVs to be available from February 2013. Panasonic has revealed pre-order pricing on their mid range ST60 and S60 series.

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Panasonic ZT60

Panasonic 2013 Plasma HDTV Lineup

Panasonic have announced and unveiled their 2013 lineup of plasma HDTVs at CES 2013 in Vegas.

We were there, and we got to see their impressive lineup in person. We have already covered Panasonic’s 16 new LED LCD HDTVs for 2013, so be sure to also read that article.

Panasonic have long been known for their leading plasma TV range, and with 16 new plasma HDTVs spread over five new series, I’m sure their 2013 lineup won’t disappoint.

The five series cover sizes ranging from 42-inch to 65-inches, and introduce new features such as My Home Screen, Swipe & Share 2.0, Touch Pen, Voice Guidance & Interaction. My Home Screen allows each user to have their own home screen with quick access to their favorite content. Swipe and Share 2.0 is Panasonic’s latest media sharing application for use with smart phones and tablets.

For 2013 Panasonic have introduced a new top of the line flagship series, the Panasonic ZT60 / ZT, which comes ahead of 2012’s award winning VT series.

We’ll start at the top, and work our way down the series.

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Panasonic WT60

Panasonic 2013 LCD HDTV Lineup

Panasonic has a very impressive range of new LCD TVs for 2013 which they had proudly on display at their booth at CES 2013 last week.

For the first time, all of the new 2013 Panasonic VIERA LCD models are now LED lit, no old CCFL to be found here. New features include “My Home Screen”, which allows each user in the home to customize their own personal home screen, allowing you to get quick access to your favorite content.

Swipe and Share 2.0 functions allows you to easily turn the TV into the media sharing hub from smart phones and tablets through the VIERA Connect platform. Some of the higher ranges also include both Voice Guidance and Voice Interaction.

Also be sure to check out Panasonic’s 2013 plasma HDTV lineup.

There are 16 new LCD HDTVs for 2013 split into seven series.  The overview follows, starting at the top with the WT60 series.

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