Panasonic 2012 Plasma HDTV Prices Leaked?

Panasonic’s latest plasma HDTVs for 2012 has certainly drawn a lot of attention and are constantly the most viewed pages on our site. We have noticed that a lot of people are looking for release dates and prices.

While we can’t reveal our source or confirm the accuracy of these figures, we have received what look to be convincing values for their upcoming 2012 models.
The below figures go from their flagship VT50 range, coming in at $2499 for the 55-inch model, and $3999 for the 65-inch flagship model. Going all the way down to the budget friendly 42-inch UT50. We don’t have the XT figures right now.

Panasonic Plasma VT50

Panasonic Plasma VT50

We have contacted Panasonic to confirm or deny, but they simply replied saying they have yet to announced release dates or prices and that “We will likely have more details to share later this month”.

  • 65″ VT50: $3999
  • 55″ VT50: $2499
  • 65″ GT50: $3499
  • 60″ GT50: $2599
  • 55″ GT50: $2099
  • 50″ GT50: $1799

Update!: We now have the full 2012 Panasonic LED / Plasma prices and release dates confirmed, so be sure to read that article!

Source: ValueElectronics

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8 Responses to “Panasonic 2012 Plasma HDTV Prices Leaked?”

  1. Thanks for the update. Keep the info coming!

    • No problem Kevin, thanks for the feedback.

    • Why is technology not being stretched for 10 years . It just seems like these company’s are using the oldest trick in the book . Put a number behind the product an it’s a hit sale . 1,2,3 ps3 vt30 vt50 360 720 etc . Wake up ppl ! I own a vt30 great tv . Am done with this bamboozle


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