Panasonic 4K TVs by Fall

Most of the major HDTV manufacturers have not only announced their 4K TVs, but over the past few weeks have released them to the U.S Market. This list includes Sony, Samsung and LG, along with a number of the cheaper brands.

But when it comes to Panasonic, they have yet to have any official word on any upcoming 4K TV.

But this could all change this fall, if reports from Nikkei are correct.

They are reporting that Panasonic aims to release 4K TVs sized 50-inches and bigger from this Fall. They will be 4K LED lit LCD TVs rather than plasma models which Panasonic are highly regarded for.

Apparently if plasma technology was used for a 4K TV, the power consumption would sky rocket, along with the brightness diminishing.

Panasonic 4K TV

Panasonic 4K TV

We highly suspect that we will see Panasonic’s first 4K TVs launched and on show at IFA 2013 in Berlin this September.

We will be sure to keep you updated with any further developments..

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