Panasonic To Push 4K Ultra HD by 2014

Panasonic has announced at the NAB 2013 Show in Las Vegas, that it has plans to refresh its entire range of HD products to 4K Ultra HD standard, by as early as 2014.

We are seeing an ever increasing push into 4K, which has been primarily lead by Sony and LG. Sony have announced two smaller 4K Ultra HD TVs at 55-inch and 65-inch, with a starting price of just $4999, while Seiki have come along with their own 50-inch 4K TV at just $1,299.

While Panasonic didn’t introduce any 4K TVs in the 2013 Plasma or LED LCD TV lineups, they did show off a very impressive 4K OLED prototype TV.

Panasonic has stated that everything they currently make in HD, they will be making in 4K in the future.

Panasonic 4K TV

Panasonic 4K TV

They have already announced the Panasonic BT 4L H310, a 4K 31-inch professional LCD monitor, and plan to roll out broadcast cameras, handheld camcorders and more. They also have a 4K VariCam which can record 4K at high speed with a large sensor, and stores data in AVC-Ultra codec.

Panasonic’s TV department has been reported to not be doing so well financially, and it seems as if they’re taking this 4K opportunity very seriously. While no announcements have been made for a 4K TV just yet, we’re sure that Panasonic will be working hard on one, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we find at least one 4K TV sitting proudly in their 2014 lineup.

Panasonic have recently spoken up denying the rumors that they are closing their research and development department for their plasma TVs. Stating that they will continue to develop and produce plasma HDTVs.

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  1. reinaldo echenique Reply 04. Jan, 2015 at 5:28 am

    Panasonic son unos hijos de puta hoy le subieron al ax800u de 65 inches casi dos mil dollars eso es para vender la mierda del 900 mas cara le pedire a dios encarecidamente que les vaya mal y se los tengan que meter por el culo y venderlos casi regalados nunca podran con SONY y LG ja ja ja