Panasonic To Exit Plasma TV Market

Just the title alone lays a devastating blow to many loyal Panasonic plasma TV fans around the world.

We have been hearing rumors for sometime now that Panasonic had closed down its research and development department and has plans to pull out of the plasma market altogether.

Yesterday Panasonic was throwing an event in New York, where Panasonic Display Vice President Kiyoshi Okamoto confirmed to the Verge, that the Panasonic ZT60 uses the “last plasma panel” from research and development.

Kiyoshi Okamoto was also quick to note that just because this was the last panel, it doesn’t mean that it is the last Panasonic plasma TV. He stated that Panasonic would continue to make and sell plasma TVs into 2014 at the very least, and said they have “a responsibility” to customers to continue production.

While we’re glad to hear that Panasonic feels they have a responsibility to their customers, probably noting their large plasma fan base, it still comes of a big shock, especially after announcing their very best plasma TV ever, the Panasonic ZT60.

Panasonic ZT60

Panasonic ZT60

We covered both the Panasonic Plasma TVs, and LED LCD TVs from CES 2013 earlier in the year, and just counting the views (2-3x as many on the Plasma video,  Vs the LCD video) shows a huge interest in their plasma models, with the ZT60 gaining most of the attention.

The ZT60 is being called the “Beyond the Reference” plasma TV, and a Kuro beater, offering the best picture quality of any plasma TV before it.

Panasonic looks to be shifting their attention to OLED technology, and stated that “OLED is one of the key future products”. At CES 2013 Panasonic had one display a very impressive 4K OLED prototype that is in co-development with Sony.

A sad day indeed, one which also probably makes the Panasonic ZT60 the best ever plasma TV.  Via The Verge

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