Panasonic Prices its 2012 HDTVs in Japan

Just yesterday we posted what we believe to be the leaked prices on Panasonic’s 2012 Plasma HDTV models. We’re waiting for Panasonic to confirm these for us, they said they expect to announce dates and prices at the end of the month.

But just today over in Japan, Panasonic have announced the prices of a number of their new 2012 models with release dates.

The top of the range “Infinite Black Ultra Panel” plasma HDTV will arrive on April 20th, with the 60-inch VT5 series coming in at 500,000 yen ($6515), and the 50-inch VT5 at 360,000 ($4695). If these values seem on the steep side, it’s important to note that prices have simply been directly converted using the current exchange rate, and I believe that Panasonic U.S will price them some what lower.

Pricing is also available for the GT5, DT5, ET5 plasma models. All of these models support 3D, and will be available on March 9th, although some of the larger models will arrive later on April 20th.

The new passive 3D glasses are listed at just 2,000 Yen ($26), meaning you can buy sets for the whole family without spending a fortune. The Active Bluetooth link is listed at 13,000 yen, $169 which will arrive in March. The new blu-ray players and new skype camera will arrive at the same time.

While this gives us some indication of pricing, my Panasonic press contact said they expect to announce U.S pricing at dates near the end of the month.

Via AVWatch.

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