Panasonic VT50 Flagship Plasma Now Available

Since covering all of the news and HDTV announcements of this year’s new product lines, the new Panasonic VT50 series has been drawing more than its fair share of attention, and for good reason.

The 65-Inch Panasonic TC-P65VT50, and 55-Inch Panasonic TC-P55VT50 are from the new 2012 flagship VT50 series.

Having captured the attention and hearts of home theater enthusiasts since its announcement back in January, the highly anticipated Panasonic VT50 series models are finally available and shipping out.

Amazon are currently stocking and shipping both the 55-Inch, and 65-Inch model for $2,469.98, and $3,619.98 respectively.

Panasonic VT50 - TC-P65VT50 / TC-P55VT50

Panasonic VT50 - TC-P65VT50 / TC-P55VT50

The 1080p plasma panel supports 3D and 2D-3D Conversion w/Face Detection, and is the only model to feature the “Ultra” version of the Infinite Black Panel w/ Louver Filter for the deepest blacks and highest contrast ratio.

Other features of this flagship range includes 96Hz Playback of 24p content, 24, 576 Shades of Gradation, 2500 Focused Field Drive, and advanced “Smart” functions such as Skype and Social networking. It is also the only series to feature the new VIERA Touch Pad Controller.

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3 Responses to “Panasonic VT50 Flagship Plasma Now Available”

  1. Just wanted to post that I purchased a P65VT50 from amazon as an early adopter. I loved this plasma and wrote a moderately detailed review on its product page. Feel free to check it out.

    I didn’t have the benefit of another user review when I bought, and I think a little education can go a long way prior to spending so much coin.

    • I’m glad you’re pleased with the VT50. I have been hearing very good things.

      Excellent review Brandon, very well covered, and you’re right, user reviews are very helpful. Btw I sent you an email 🙂

  2. Wht r the mejor changes in new series of 50st50d from old version of 50st30d. Since I had real nightmare experiance of panasonic plasma model 50st30d please suggest and guide.