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Philips 65PFL9708

Philips 9000 65PFL9708 / 84PFL9708 4K Ultra HD TVs Announced

TP / Vision have unveiled their new 9000 series of Ultra HD TV / 4K TVs over at IFA.

Philips is the latest manufacturers to join in on the 4K UHD game, and it’s no longer the playing field ruled by Sony, LG and Samsung. Budget U.S TV manufacturers Vizio are rumored to be releasing a range of 4K TVs by the end of this year.

The Philips 9000 series of ultra HD TVs will be available in 65-inch as the Philips 65PFL9708, which has a price of 4,999 Euros, and the 84-inch Philips 84PFL9708, which will go for a healthy 14,999 Euros.

Both of the Philips 4K TVs accept and process 4K signals thanks to its Ultra Pixel HD Engine.

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Philips 65PFL9708

Philips 65PFL9708 4K Ultra HDTV

We have been hearing rumors of Philips getting in on the 4K Ultra HD TV game for a while now, and it has now been confirmed, thanks to it already winning a prize!

The 65-inch Philips 65PFL9708 has been outed thanks to it winning an EISA award for the “Best European Ultra HD TV” ahead of its official unavailing at IFA 2013 in Berlin, which kicks off next month.

Since being outed Philips has of course admitted its existence and there are a number of photos available of it, and it looks great with a very slim black bezel. We’re also hearing talk of the 84-inch Philips 84PFL9708, but as of yet, nothing has been confirmed, be sure to keep up with our IFA 2013 news!

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Philips 8008 series

Philips 2013 HDTV Lineup

New for 2013 Philips have announced their latest 2013 HDTV Lineup.

Philips have clearly been very busy with the Smart TV Alliance and have seven new series, with all but one series all boasting Smart TV functions of two different levels. Every single series features built in WiFi, and built in USB recording, with extra more advanced features such as MiraCast, 3D capabilities, and built in skype cameras being added as you work your way up the series.

Along with Philips putting a lot of emphasis on the new Smart TV fictions, as always Philips have included their Ambilight lighting technology. This Ambilight technology projects colored light matching the colors of the images currently shown on the screen onto the wall behind the TV, which makes the viewing experience more imersive, and is also said to reduce eye strain.

For the new 2013 models, Philips have two versions of the Ambilight three sided, for the top three series, and a two sided version for the next two series down.

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Philips Designline 2012 TV

Philips Designline 2012 HDTVs | 42PDL6907, 47PDL6907

The new 2012 Philips Designline 2012 range of HDTV are coming to Europe very soon (third quarter of 2012).

Philips say that the DesignLine Edge series smart Tvs are the ideal match for contemporary interiors, and standout from the other TVs currently on the market today.

The 2012 models have a “pearl white” casing, and a seamless glass front, and certainly look very clean and stylish.

They will be available in two sizes, as the 42-Inch Philips 42PDL6907, and the 47-Inch Philips 42PDL6907.

Feature / specification wise, they are similar to the the Philips 6900 series, as indicated by the model names.

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Philips 6900 Series

Philips 6900 Series Frameless Smart TV

Philips which is now part of TP Vision have just proudly shown off their latest series of Smart TVs. The Philips 6900 series stands out from their rest of their lineup, thanks to their impressive “Frameless” design.

Philips say that the 6900 series has no frame at all, but a tiny inactive display area when the TV is on. It’s wrapped by an unobtrusive 1.2mm brushed, anodized aluminum rim.

Frames (bezels) have been getting less and less over the years and lead to a cleaner design (and smaller footprints), but this is certainly the smallest frame we have ever seen, and the result is very impressive.

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Philips 9707

Philips 46PFL9707, 60PFL9607 Flagship Series 9000

While the majority of the major HDTV manufacturers announced their new 2012 HDTV lineup at the beginning of the year at CES, Philips held back their announcements till late February and March.

While they announced most of their product lineup, they didn’t announce their top of the line flagship 9 Series range, which has just recently leaked.

A leaked document has revealed the new Philips 9707 and 9607 TVs, which will be available as the 46-Inch Philips 46PFL9707, and the 60-Inch Philips 60PFL9607.

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Philips 46PFL8007

Philips 8000 / 7000 Series Available

Philips have just released their highend 2012 7000 and 8000 series HDTVs to the European market, and will be releasing the top of the range 9000 series very shortly.

The lower and mid range 3000 and 4000 series were released earlier in the year in May.

The Philips 2012 range of HDTV weren’t announced at CES like all the other large brands, but was rather leaked to the Internet a few months after this, before their official announcement.

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Philips 5000 Series

Philips 4000, 5000, 5500 Series Announced

Philips was very quiet at this years CES, where they didn’t announce any more HDTVs for 2012. A months later in February they announced their 6000 and 7000 series, along with their models from the new 8000 series.

It now appears that Philips has more to offer us this year, and have just unveiled their 5000, 5500, and 6000 series with the help of an sleek video campaign. (embedded below).

All three series are very sleek and slim “Smart TVs” and offer NetTV with app support for social media and video streaming. The 5000 and 5500 series support WiFi out of the box, while it can be added to the 4000 series via a USB dongle. If you use the inbuilt FreeView tuner, you can add a USB memory stick and record to the device for playback later.

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Philips OLED TV

Philips To Launch OLED HDTV

With LG and Samsung both scheduled to release their 55-Inch OLED HDTV this year, it is of no surprise that others are looking at joining the OLED TV game as well,

According to Digitimes and industry sources, Philips is rumored to announce their first OLED HDTV at IFA 2012 in September in Berlin.

Apparently Philips are going to source their OLED panels from LG, who announced their 55-Inch OLED HDTV with much fanfare at the beginning of the year at CES 2012 in Vegas.

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Philips 7007

Philips 7000, 6000, 4000 Series 2012 HDTV Lineup

Unlike all the other major HDTV manufactures, Philips didn’t announce their latests HDTVs for 2012 at CES 2012 earlier this year.

Philips have finally announced their 2012 HDTV range.

Sitting right at the very top is the new Philips 8000 series (8007), which we have previously covered. Next up is the Philips 7000 and 6000 series. Followed by the Philips 4000, 3500, and 3000 series.

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