Philips 40PFL8007, 46PFL8007, 55PFL8007 | 2012 Flagship

Philips was absent at CES 2012 earlier in the year when all the other major HDTV manufacturers released their latest models, and fought for our attention.

We didn’t hear anything from Philips about their latest HDTV models for 2012 during this time, but now Philips have just pulled the wrap off of their latest models.

Sitting right at the very top for 2012 is their new Philips 8000 series. All models in the flagship 2012 8000 series end in PFL8007.

These latest models have a new slim bezel, the slimmest we have seen on any Philips HDTV to-date, and are very slim and minimalistic all around. Along with this new sleek design the Philips FPL8007’s make use of the latest technology, including Ambilight Spectre XL, active Max 3D technology and LED lighting.

Philips 8007

Philips 8007

Philips Perfect Pixel HD engine analyses and processes all of the picture information sent to the HDTV and enhances it to get the very best quality out of the HDTV. Ambilight Spectre XL is the latest version of their popular Ambilight system, where light is emitted from the back of the HDTV and around, projected back on to the surfact, matching the colors on the HDTV. Many believe this to make the viewing experience more emersive, and also reduces the strain on your eyes.

The 2012 Philips 8000 series will be available in three sizes as the 40-inch Philips 40PFL8007, 46-inch 46PFL8007, and the 55-inch 55PFL8007.

3D Max makes use of the 3D shutter glasses, and features 2D to 3D conversion. It also features a very cleaver Philips Dual-View full screen technology which allows two different viewers to view different images on the same TV full screen at the same time by using the 3D glasses.

Other features on the new 8000 series include a new Smart TV premium platform, which boasts video on demand, Skype, USB recording, push streaming of content from smartphones and tablets, and ofcourse apps.

Philips 8000 SmartTV

Philips 8000 SmartTV

To make using this new Smart TV platform easier, the Philips 8007 series comes with a new remote control, which looks fairly normal on the front, but has a full QWERTY keyboard on the back.

Now for the bad news, these three impressive looking HDTVs won’t be available until September 2012.

  • Philips 40PFL8007 | 40-Inch
  • Philips 46PFL8007 | 46-Inch
  • Philips 55PFL8007 | 55-Inch

For the rest our article on the rest of the Philips 2012 line up.

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