Philips 7000, 6000, 4000 Series 2012 HDTV Lineup

Unlike all the other major HDTV manufactures, Philips didn’t announce their latests HDTVs for 2012 at CES 2012 earlier this year.

Philips have finally announced their 2012 HDTV range.

Sitting right at the very top is the new Philips 8000 series (8007), which we have previously covered. Next up is the Philips 7000 and 6000 series. Followed by the Philips 4000, 3500, and 3000 series.

Philips 7000 Series (PFL7007)

The new Philips 7000 series, just like the 8000 series has a very slim bezel, and elegant clean design.

It will be available in three sizes, as the 40-inch Philips 40PFL7007, 46-inch 46PFL7007, and 55-inch 55PFL7007 .

The Philips FL7007’s feature active 3D with 2D to 3D conversion and use the shutter type glasses. Also featured is two-sided Ambilight, 800Hz CMR and Pixel Precise HD for image enhancement.

Just like the 8000 series it also makes use of the new Philips Smart TV platform with app support, YouTube and DLNA streaming. All models feature 5x HDMI inputs.

  • Philips 40PFL7007 | 40-inch
  • Philips 46PFL7007 | 46-inch
  • Philips 55PFL7007 | 55-inch
Philips 7007

Philips 7007

Philips 6000 Series (PFL6007)

Next in the lineup is the high to mid-range Philips 6000 series. This series consists of four models, the 32-inch Philips 32PFL6007, 37-inch 37PFL6007, 42-inch 42PFL6007, and the 55-inch 55PFL6007.

The Philips 6000’s also feature two sided Ambilight, and use passive 3D technology which work with cheaper polarized 3D glasses. It also features the same Smart TV functions, and has 4x HDMI inputs.

  • Philips 32PFL6007 | 32-inch
  • Philips 37PFL6007 | 37-inch
  • Philips 42PFL6007 | 42-inch
  • Philips 55PFL6007 | 55-inch
Philips 6000 (PFL6007)

Philips 6000 (PFL6007)

Philips 4000 Series (PFL4007)

The mid-range Philips 4000 series is available as the 32-inch Philips 32PFL4007, 37-inch 37PFL4007, 42-inch 42PFL4007, and the largest 47-inch 47PFL4007.

This is the first series to loose 3D support, but it still retains it’s smart TV functionality, and hes built in WiFi and four HDMI inputs.

If you’re not to fussed about having a 3D HDTV, but still want a high quality HDTV we can recommend the Philips 4000 series.

Philips 3500 series / 3000 Series

We currently have very little to go on for the Philips 3500 and 3000 series.

Neither are 3D HDTVs, but the 3500 has Smart TV functions, while the 3000 does not.

Philips 3500  (PFL3507)

Philips 3500 (PFL3507)

All of the Philips 2012 HDTVs listed on this article will be available worldwide from the second quarter of this year.

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