Philips 4000, 5000, 5500 Series Announced

Philips was very quiet at this years CES, where they didn’t announce any more HDTVs for 2012. A months later in February they announced their 6000 and 7000 series, along with their models from the new 8000 series.

It now appears that Philips has more to offer us this year, and have just unveiled their 5000, 5500, and 6000 series with the help of an sleek video campaign. (embedded below).

All three series are very sleek and slim “Smart TVs” and offer NetTV with app support for social media and video streaming. The 5000 and 5500 series support WiFi out of the box, while it can be added to the 4000 series via a USB dongle. If you use the inbuilt FreeView tuner, you can add a USB memory stick and record to the device for playback later.

The SimplyShare features allows you to easily share digital videos and photos directly to the TV, while the My Remote App for Phillips allows you to control the TV from your iPhone or Android Smartphone.

The Philips 3000 series is available in 32, 37, 42, and 47-inch sizes, while the 5000 series has 32, 40 and 46-inch sizes. The higherend Philips 5500 series is available in 32, 40, 46, and 55-Inch sizes.

The 5500 series is the only one to support 3D, along with 2D to 3D conversion.

Philips 5000 Series

Philips 5000 Series

All are LED LCD HDTVs, and the 4000 series has a 200Hz refresh rate, while the 5000, and 5500 series have a faster 400Hz refresh for eliminating motion blur and image judder during panning and fast motion scenes.

No prices have been provided for the U.S market, but we have been provided with a price range for the European market. The 4000 series will range from 500 to 800 euroes. The 5000 series between 600 and 1600 euros, with the 3D 5,500 series ranging from 700 and 1800 euros.  No release dates were provided.

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