Philips 8000 / 7000 Series Available

Philips have just released their highend 2012 7000 and 8000 series HDTVs to the European market, and will be releasing the top of the range 9000 series very shortly.

The lower and mid range 3000 and 4000 series were released earlier in the year in May.

The Philips 2012 range of HDTV weren’t announced at CES like all the other large brands, but was rather leaked to the Internet a few months after this, before their official announcement.

Philips 7000 | 40PFL7007, 46PFL7007, 55PFL7007

The new 2012 Philips series 7 7000 models are available in three sizes, as the 40-Inch 40PFL7007, 46-Inch 46PFL7007 and as the 55-Inch 55PFL7007.

They all have a very nice clean design in my opinion, complete with very slim bezels and Philip’s iconic Ambilight Spectre 2 technology which illuminates on the left and right hand sides. Image processing is handled by Pixel Precise HD picture engine providing a 500,000:1 contrast ratio.

Philips 46PFL7007

Philips 46PFL7007

It features a dual-core processor which powers its Smart TV Premium functions which includes apps and mobile streaming along with Skype (via the optional Philips PTA317 camera).

They are all active 3DTVs, with advanced features such as 2D -> 3D conversion, 3D depth control, and even full screen dual gaming.

There are 5x HDMI inputs, and 3x USB 2.0. If you connect up a storage device to the USB port, you can record directly onto it.

Philips 8000 | 40PFL8007, 46PFL8007

The Philips 8000 series is only available in two sizes, as the 40-Inch Philips 40PFL8007, and the 46-Inch Philips 46PFL8007. They have a similar design to the 7000, but feature a more advanced three sided Ambilight Spectra XL system.

Philips 46PFL8007

Philips 46PFL8007

Along with the features of the 7000 previously mentioned, the 8000 features a more advanced “Perfect Pixel HD Engine” along with ISF calibration system, and it comes with a pre-packed camera for Skype.

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  1. Dear sir i am interested to purchase a 40 inch tv philips series 40pfl8008 i could not find in Malta for sale can you direct me