Philips 65PFL9708 4K Ultra HDTV

We have been hearing rumors of Philips getting in on the 4K Ultra HD TV game for a while now, and it has now been confirmed, thanks to it already winning a prize!

The 65-inch Philips 65PFL9708 has been outed thanks to it winning an EISA award for the “Best European Ultra HD TV” ahead of its official unavailing at IFA 2013 in Berlin, which kicks off next month.

Since being outed Philips has of course admitted its existence and there are a number of photos available of it, and it looks great with a very slim black bezel. We’re also hearing talk of the 84-inch Philips 84PFL9708, but as of yet, nothing has been confirmed, be sure to keep up with our IFA 2013 news!

The 65-inch Philips 65PFL9708 makes use of passive 3D glasses, features edge LED lighting and boasts about its impressive upscalling capabilities thanks to Ultra Pixel HD, and of course its well know Ambilight XL technology.

Philips 65PFL9708

Philips 65PFL9708

An EISA judge said.

“With Ultra HD content the Philips 65PFL9708 offers astonishing depth and clarity and its upscaling talents improve the quality of Blu-ray, DVD and direct broadcast sources. Passive 3D images on this 65-inch TV also look razor-sharp thanks to the screen’s greater resolution,”

“Other picture quality highlights include a robust edge LED system and superb brightness, contrast and motion performance, while Ambilight XL illumination makes the whole experience more immersive.”

No prices has yet been revealed, but Philips say that the 65PFL9708 will be at a “significantly lower” price point than existing Ultra HD TVs currently on the market.

We can’t wait to find out more at IFA!

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