Philips 6900 Series Frameless Smart TV

Philips which is now part of TP Vision have just proudly shown off their latest series of Smart TVs. The Philips 6900 series stands out from their rest of their lineup, thanks to their impressive “Frameless” design.

Philips say that the 6900 series has no frame at all, but a tiny inactive display area when the TV is on. It’s wrapped by an unobtrusive 1.2mm brushed, anodized aluminum rim.

Frames (bezels) have been getting less and less over the years and lead to a cleaner design (and smaller footprints), but this is certainly the smallest frame we have ever seen, and the result is very impressive.

The Philips PFL6900 series will be available in Europe later this year in 42-Inches as the Philips 42PFL6900, and the 47-Inch 47PFL6900. No word on prices or a U.S release just yet.

While the 6900 series isn’t a flagship model like their 9000 series, but it’s certainly no slacker either, and sits just below. It features passive 3D support making use of inexpensive polarization glasses, along with 2D to 3D conversion, and 3D depth adjustment. It also supports a “Two Player Full Screen Gaming” mode.

Philips 6900 Series

Philips 6900 Series

Both the 42PFL6900, and the 47PFL6900 have built in WiFi, 4x HDMI inputs and have Smart TV functions and app support. If you connect the TV to an external USB storage device you can record direct to it.

You can also control the TV via a Smartphone using the Philips app, or even stream the TV content onto your smartphone or tablet.

Even though there is no frame, and the set is only 3.5cm thick at it’s widest, Philips have managed to include two channel Ambilight system.

The IPS LCD panel has excellent motion resolution and quality thanks to the 600Hz PMR system, and the new advanced micro dimming feature provides enhanced contrast ratios and image quality.

Shipping has apparently already started on the Philips 6900 in Europe and Russia, but we have yet to see anywhere stocking them. We’ll be sure to update as soon as we do.

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