Philips Designline 2012 HDTVs | 42PDL6907, 47PDL6907

The new 2012 Philips Designline 2012 range of HDTV are coming to Europe very soon (third quarter of 2012).

Philips say that the DesignLine Edge series smart Tvs are the ideal match for contemporary interiors, and standout from the other TVs currently on the market today.

The 2012 models have a “pearl white” casing, and a seamless glass front, and certainly look very clean and stylish.

They will be available in two sizes, as the 42-Inch Philips 42PDL6907, and the 47-Inch Philips 42PDL6907.

Feature / specification wise, they are similar to the the Philips 6900 series, as indicated by the model names.

Philips Designline 2012 TV

Philips Designline 2012 TV

Along with a stylish design, they are also feature packed, with Philips now iconic Ambilight Spectra 2 technology, Pixel Precise HD technology, and the very latest Smart TV features. With built in WiFi you can stream media other your home network or the Internet via downloadable apps or even rent movies. A pretty cool feature enables you to record to an attached USB hard drive or memory stick. This is the first time we have seen recording along with playback.

They are also 3D TVs and make use of polarized 3D technology which comes with lightweight battery free 3D glasses.

You can also control the Philips Designline HDTVs via a smartphone or tablet with Philip’s app.

No word on pricing just yet, but Philips say they will be available very soon, with prices attached. We’ll fill you in when this time comes.

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