Google Chromecast Review

Ever since Google announced their $35 Chromecast streaming dongle, the attention and demand it has gained has been nothing short of astounding. No doubt mostly due to its very low price tag.

The day the Chromecast was announced and made available to order, we jumped on the chance and ordered ours. We’re very glad that we did, as the official Google store and Amazon all now have a 3-4 week lead time.

We have had ours for the past week or so, and we have been obsessed with it ever since, and have use it for testing, and personal purposes ever day since.

We’re now very happy to bring you our video review of the Google Chromecast where we show you its entire simple setup procedure, usage and review.

We tested it on an older 2011 Samsung HDTV (Non Smart TV) and are very happy with the features that it adds to the TV for just $35. We have now been using this TV a whole lot more thanks to its new “Smart” functions.

As mentioned in the review, as of right now it currently only supports Netflix, YouTube and Google Play, but a whole lost of other streaming services have all shown an interest in Chromecast, and getting their services added.

During our testing we found the Goolge Chromecast to be very easy to setup and use, and found it to perform perfectly. It was always quick to respond to our commands from both our SmartPhones and Tablets. The streaming quality looked great and the audio was always perfectly in sync.

With more streaming services around the corner, for just $35, you really can’t fault it. We have already got our order in for another Chromecast dongle to add to another room.

5 Star Award

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