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Samsung Bendable TV

Samsung Bendable TV Announced [Video Added!]

We’re seeing huge 4K Ultra HD TVs and even bigger OLED TVs at CES 2014, but it looks like Samsung has keep one of the most exciting and interesting TV products to last.

They have just unveiled what they call the Samsung Bendable TV! Just as the name implys, it’s a TV with is bendable / flexible. By default it is a 85-inch LCD TV, which at the push of a button on the remote control, turns itself into a curved TV.

We’re glad that this rumored TV turned out to be real, as we posted about a possible flexible TV about a month ago.

Right now it is just a prototype, but if you remember from last year, LG said that their 55-inch curved OLED TV was a protoype, and less than 6 months later it was in the stores, so only time will tell. Right now we know that it has a 4K Ultra HD (UHD) resolution, and bends from a mechanical action.

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samsung 105-inch s9000

Samsung 110S9 110-Inch 4K TV Available for $150,000

If you remember back to last year’s CES 2013, Samsung wowed the world with their S9 series on 4K Ultra HDTVs. They were on display in three sizes, 85-inch, 95-inch, and 110-inch.

Later the 85-inch model became available to purchase for $40,000. We exclusively covered the TV at Selfridges in London, so be sure to watch that video.

But ever since then we have been waiting for more news on the other sizes. Samsung has now made the gigantic 110-inch model available to purchase for a equally gigantic $150,000!

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Samsung 105-inch 4K Curved TV

Samsung 105-inch Curved 4K Ultra HD

Every now and then a we see manufacturers release their exciting new products ahead of CES, no doubt to try and gain the most attention.

This year we saw LG announce their very impressive 105-inch curved 4K Ultra HDTV to the world. Almost straight away after, Samsung pushed out press release also saying that they have a 105-inch curved 4K Ultra of their own!

Both of course claim to have the world’s first! We saw this last year with their 55-inch curved OLED TVs. Both LG and Samsung will be brining these 105-inch beautiful beasts to CES 2014, where we will be covering the event in every detail, so check back soon for more!

Samsung’s 105-inch curved ultra HD TV also has an ultra widescreen resolution of 5120×2160 pixels with a 21:9 aspect ratio.

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Samsung H Series 2014 LED Series Revealed

Just a few days ago we wrote about the CES 2014 Innovations Awards, (where Samsung grabbed 24 awards, and LG 15) and mentioned how if we’re lucky these awards sometimes leak or reveal a number of previously unknown products from their 2014 lineups.

These Innovations Awards are awarded to products that will be on display at CES 2014 in January, and are of course feature products that will be released in 2014.

At the time of the awards, Samsung simply stated that they won numerous awards for their blu-ray players, ultra HDTVs and Smart TVs, but didn’t expand on it. We were somewhat disappointed that nothing leaked through the cracks from these awards. But lucky for us, we subscribe to all of the manufacturer’s news feeds, including their international sources.

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Samsung GX-SM530CF

Samsung Smart Media Player

Samsung have just launched their Smart Media Player to the U.S market.

The Samsung Smart Media box / player has built in WiFi and has support for over 100 apps, as well as app and streaming support it can also act as a cable box.

Samsung are currently leading the Smart TV market, and in our view have the best Smart TV platform. They have essentially taken this Smart TV platform that they have on their TVs and wrapped it up in to this Smart Media Player known as the Samsung GX-SM530CF.

Technically the Samsung GXSM530CF is a cable box (works with CableCARD slot) with streaming and app support. If you have been eying the new Smart TVs and wish your TV had this support, the $149 Smart TV box is an easy way to get this feature.

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Samsung DA-F60

Samsung DA-F60 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

When we reviewed the flagship Samsung F8000 Smart TV, we were also provided with the beautiful little Samsung DA-F60 portable bluetooth speaker.

We of course jumped at the chance to review this speaker. If you’re wondering how the DA-F60 ties into a HDTV / Smart TV website, it’s because Samsung have designed the DA-F60 to work with many of their latest Smart TVs via a wireless “SoundShare” mode. This allows you to use this speaker instead of your Smart TV’s built in speakers, with the added benefit of being able to take the speaker into another room with you and continue to listen to the program.

We reviewed the DA-F60, which has a silver finish, but there is also the Samsung DA-F61 which is identical, but has a darker finish.

The portable bluetooth market is becoming a very crowed one, and is full of small, cheap devices offering sub par audio. The Samsung DA-F60 on the other hand easily stands out from the crowd, and for more reasons than just its stylish design.

Along with its great design, it also features NFC for easy wireless connection, and apt-X technology for CD quality wireless streaming. The speaker is portable, and features a battery which can power it for 10-12 hours allowing you to use it outside.

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Samsung F9000

Ultra HDTV Prices Plummet Again!

We closely watch the prices of all of the 4K TVs currently on the market, so we can keep you up to date. But even we were surprised by the recently price drops we have been seeing in the 4K Ultra HD TV market.

It seems that the prices of 4K TVs are dropping almost every week. But with the recent price drops from Samsung and Sony, we think they might have reached their base prices.

The 4K TV market is clearly a very competitive one, with more and more manufacturers entering the market, and newer lower priced models from Sony and others.

We have seen the most drastic price drops from Samsung. They have cut their prices for the second time in a month.

These 4K / UHDTVs have a pixel resolution 4x higher than 1080p at 3840 x 2160 pixels. Samsung’s 4K range is their flagship F9000 and is available in 55-inches and 65-inches.

When the 65-inch F9000 was released in late August, it has a price tag of $7,500, it later dropped to $6,000, and now just a few days ago, another $1000 was knocked off of its asking price, and it can now be yours for $4,999 from Amazon. This is a huge saving!

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Samsung 98-inch S9 4K UHDTV

Samsung S9 98-Inch 4K TV

Wow Samsung really have been on a roll over at IFA 2013 in Berlin, along with announcing the world’s first 4K OLED TV, and curved 4K TV, they have also added and 98-inch UHDTV to their S9 range of 4K TVs.

Back at CES 2013 in January, Samsung wowed the world with their range of huge S9 4K ultra HD TVs which included an 85-inch, 95-inch, and huge 110-inch models.

Since then, Samsung have released their 85-inch 4K TV making it the largest on the market by one inch bigger than the Sony & LG models.

We even got to bring our viewers an exclusive hands on of the 85-inch Samsung S9 Ultra HD TV at Selfridges in London.

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Samsung Curved UHD TV

Samsung Curved 4K UHD TV Announced

Samsung have just announced the world’s first curved 4K Ultra HD TV over at IFA 2013 in Berlin.

We saw the first curved TV in the form of a curved OLED TV shown off by both LG and Samsung at CES 2013 back in January, both of which are now on the market. But until IFA we had only seen this “curved technology being used on OLED TV, never non OLED, nor with a 4K resolution.

Yesterday Sony announced a curved LED LCD TV at $4,000.

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Samsung UHD 4K OLED TV

Samsung 4K Ultra HD OLED TV Unveiled

Over at IFA 2013, Samsung have just unveiled a very very impressive 55-inch 4K Ultra HD OLED TV.

Before you get too excited, it’s currently a prototype model. Samsung and LG have been the first two companies to show off and release an OLED TV to the market, along with 4K TVs, but this is the first time we have seen Samsung combine both 4K and OLED technology in one TV.

Samsung were not the first to do to this though, as Sony showed off a 4K OLED TV back in January 2013 at CES 2013.

In our eyes a 4K OLED TV is the holy grail of TVs. It combines the ultra high detail and clarity of the 4K Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, 4x that of 1080p, along with the brilliant OLED technology which provides the very best in colors and contrast.

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