Samsung 110S9 110-Inch 4K TV Available for $150,000

If you remember back to last year’s CES 2013, Samsung wowed the world with their S9 series on 4K Ultra HDTVs. They were on display in three sizes, 85-inch, 95-inch, and 110-inch.

Later the 85-inch model became available to purchase for $40,000. We exclusively covered the TV at Selfridges in London, so be sure to watch that video.

But ever since then we have been waiting for more news on the other sizes. Samsung has now made the gigantic 110-inch model available to purchase for a equally gigantic $150,000!

Samsung say that the release of the Samsung 110S9 110-inch S9 4K TV will be rolling out globally, but they’ll start with China and the middle east first.

The S9 of course has a 4K resolution boasting 3840 x 2160 pixels. It also features an external connection box (as shown in our video) which has a number of connections, and cab be replaced and updates to support future connections. The TV is also LED backlit, rather than edge lit, this gives it great control of the image and contrast, and results in deeper blacks.

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