Samsung 2012 ES LED HDTV Models, Upto $850 off!

When Samsung announced their new 2012 HDTVs earlier in the year, they also announced that they have introduced a new unilateral pricing program (UPP), which would result in “One selling price for all dealers” whether online, or a traditional brick and mortar store.

As the number one HDTV manufactures in the US this new UPP scheme had a lot of people worried.

Along with the traditional MSRP, this new UPP, essentially sets what should be a minimum price level which retailers are allowed to sell the HDTVs at, or risk loosing their Samsung connections.

This has retailers and consumers worried alike, but it seems that retailers have found a way around the UPP prices by offering “Instant rebates”.

Less than a month since the release of these new 2012 models we are already seeing huge savings on both the MSRP and UPP prices! On the top range ES8000 models we are seeing savings of $500 less than the UPP and $850 less than the MSRP! Essentially saving you nearly 25%!

We have listed and linked to Amazon as they tend to offer the very best prices, and in most states don’t charge you tax, where as brick and mortar stores do. They also offer 14 day low price grantee, and 30 day free returns.

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