Samsung 2012 HDTV Prices Revealed [Updated]

Within the last few days we have seen a number of prices leaks for the upcoming 2012 HDTVs from many of the major manufacturers including Sony and Sharp.

We’ve seen a number of prices for Samsung’s highend models, thanks to an online retailer already listing these models for pre-order.

But today we find out Samsung’s MAP (minimum advertised prices) for pretty much their entire 2012 HDTV lineup. We can expect to see the first batch of Samsung’s new LED and plasma HDTV shipping out from next month, with the rest to follow over the next couple of months.

Manufacturers like to keep their prices underwraps until they are shipping out from retailers, so Samsung might still tweak these MAP prices before they are shipping out.

For more information on these new 2012 models, be sure to read our Samsung 2012 LCD HDTV, and Samsung 2012 plasma HDTV articles.

Samsung ES8000 Series

Samsung ES8000

Samsung ES8000

  • UN46ES8000 | $2699
  • UN55ES8000 | $3399
  • UN60ES8000 | $3999
  • UN65ES8000 | $4699
  • UN75ES8000 | $7299

Samsung ES7500 Series

  • UN46ES7500 | $2399
  • UN50ES7500 | $2699
  • UN55ES7500 | $3099
  • UN60ES7500 | $3699

Samsung ES7100 Series

  • UN46ES7100 | $2199
  • UN50ES7100 | $2499
  • UN55ES7100 | $2899
  • UN60ES7100 | $3499

Samsung ES6580 Series

  • UN50ES6580 | $2079

Samsung ES6500 Series

  • UN40ES6500 | $TBA
  • UN46ES6500 | $1579
  • UN50ES6500 | $1899
  • UN55ES6500 | $2619
  • UN60ES6500 | $2899
  • UN65ES6500 | $3999 TBA

Samsung ES6100 Series

  • UN40ES6100 | $1099
  • UN46ES6100 | $1299
  • UN50ES6100 | $1599
  • UN55ES6100 | $1999
  • UN60ES6100 | $2599

Samsung EH6000 Series

  • UN40EH6000 | $779
  • UN46EH6000 | $979
  • UN50EH6000 | $1149
  • UN55EH6000 | $1399
  • UN60EH6000 | $1899
  • UN65EH6000 | $2399

Samsung EH5300 Series

  • UN32EH5300 | $529
  • UN40EH5300 | $729
  • UN46EH5300 | $929
  • UN50EH5300 | $1099
  • UN55EH6000 | $1349
  • UN60EH6000 | $1849
  • UN65EH6000 | $2349

Samsung EH5000 Series

  • UN32EH5000 | $499
  • UN37EH5000 | $599
  • UN40EH5000 | $679
  • UN50EH5000 | $1199

Plasma Models

Samsung E8000 Series

  • PN51E8000 | $2249
  • PN60E8000 | $2799
  • PN64E8000 | $3599

Samsung E7000 series

  • PN51E7000 | $1499
  • PN60E7000 | $2249
  • PN64E7000 | $3099

Samsung E6500 series

  • PN51E6500 | $1319
  • PN60E6500 | $1999
  • PN64E6500 | $TBA

Samsung E550 series

  • PN43E550 | TBA
  • PN51E550 | $1199
  • PN60E550 | $1799
  • PN64E550 | $2499

Samsung E530 series

  • PN60E530 | $1499

Samsung E490 series

  • PN43E490 | $TBA
  • PN51E490 | $719

Samsung E450 series

  • PN43E450 | $499

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25 Responses to “Samsung 2012 HDTV Prices Revealed [Updated]”

  1. I disagree with the new upp pricing scheme samsung is using. It is just making consumers pay more for the product. How and why is there a $900 increase in price for 5INCHES from the 60pne8000 to the 65pne8000 ??? that is absurd. samsung , this is going to be a L O N G year for you guys if these are the real prices. such a shame.

    • I personally don’t like the idea either.

      Everyone knows that online retailers sell cheaper than brick and mortar stores, but yes people still buy from these brick stores, mostly for the “I want it now” factor.

      Even as the U.S number one HDTV manufacturer last year, they still made a loss. So I guess they have to do something.

      Samsung press replied to me. Still no official word yet. “The pricing structure for Samsung’s 2012 TV range is yet to be confirmed. As soon as we receive any further information we will share it with you.”

    • BRo what are u talking about these prices are MSRP price there what samsung is priceing them at ,these price are as high other retail stores can make these tv for ,this does not mean these prices will be the same ,so dont think samsung is trying to get off on use because there not ,people really need to think about stuff before they talk about it .remember theses are MSRP PRICES not what u will see in the store ,infact u may see then in the stores like this but give it 3 months and there going to be reallly cheap in price because no one is that dum to buy a MSRP price dude.

  2. These prices are rediculous!

    First off, I like never ever post/blog but I must comment on this today as I’ve been waiting months for Samsung to release there 2012 lineup. The key differance between 2012 and 2011 and the reason I’ve gone five months almost now without a new screen is the fact that these new TVs all feature full 3D resolution unlike the 2011 models which had all kinds of issues with this.

    With that said, the ◦UN55ES6500 is the model I’ve been watching for close to two months now but if its going to be $2619, you can forget it. Last years UN55D6500 was selling for $2099 at launch and is currently selling for $1699 everywhere. What justifies selling the 2012 model for $1000 more for the same everything basically.

    For $2400, I can go pickup a very attractive 70″ Sharp LED which is what I would get if I was forced to spend over 2g. Come on Samsung, launch these 6 series screens under 2k and watch them outsell everyone once again.


    • really dude these are not bad prices u should go back 10 years ago when LCD tv were 7,000 to 15,000 bucks for a 52 inch that was when 1080p was comeing out to the market mind u there was not 120 240 htz tv just 60 htz ,so for u to complain about this u really dont know what u are saying ,do your research before u talk.i will let u know that these tv prices are MSRP that mean its company prices no BESTBUY OR SEARS prices or anyother companys prices with mean in 3 months time these tv will be very very cheap ,also take for granted that when a tv has been out on the market like LED wiht has been on the market for almost 8 years the cost to build a tv is cheap ever single year its mostly eh feautres in the tv that cost the company parts are notheing.

      • Joe,

        I’ve spent many many months doing research so I know what I’m talking about. Samsung’s 6500 series from 2011 is nearly identical to the Samsung UN55ES6500 for 2012. The only key differances and Yes I know important differance is 3D is now full 3d (1080p vs 540p from 2011 edition). Most people have no clue that 90% of 3D tvs on the market are only running 540p per eye (60hzX2). The 2nd differance is the bezel shape which is still .5inch thick but is now taking the bezel from the 8000 series of 2011 which appearently looks better but I think looks worse actually. The 3rd change which isnt physically affecting the TV is the fact that Samsung includes two active 3D glasses with all TVs. This I realize is a $200 value BUT again, Samsung isnt showing this as a value if the MSRP is going to be that high.

        Also, you mention three months and these will be very cheap? So does that mean that they will hurt all initial buyers for the 2012 line on launch? Both Sharp and Sony are expected to release some very aggressive price points at launch.

        So in all, is there a justification raising the MSRP from 2011 to 2012 $520 more for including two sets of glasses and fixing the full 3D that was supposed to be in the 2011 versions and Samsung ended up taking massive heat over it for lying and displaying full hd 3d on the box? There were people that even had taken them to court over this matter believe it or not. Some people just ended up receiving a free upgrade to the 7000 series Samsung which has full 3d hd.

        When your on a budget and are in the market for a mainstream brand new TV, yes your going to be excessive upon money pinching the crap out of products.

        Anyone who is reading this comment and doesnt care as much about 3D, look into the Samsung 55″ 6420 2011 model. When onsale, it can be had for $1399/$1499US/CAD and the only thing its missing is wifi. You can buy the official samsung wifi stick online for $66. Seeing the ES6500 first hand, the picture quality is near identical in watching 2D content to the half the price 6420 model.


  3. These are not Minimum Advertised Prices (MAP) they are Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP). OH, and for all those saying how high they are they are the same MSRP as the current lot of samsung tv’s ,Go take a look at samsungs site and you sill see that to be the case.

    Additionally the higher end TV’s like the ES8000 have additional capabilities that the current lot does not have, like voice control and the like. You are actually getting more TV for the same price, so quit your whining already and do your homework.

  4. We have heard that these are in fact the MAP prices, which links to their new idea of having a minimum price for brick and mortar stores, and online stores.

    If you look at the list carefully, you will see that the MAP prices listed here do match up with the “offer” price on Vanns, and the MSRP they are listing is higher.

    For example the UN46ES8000 has a MAP of $2,699 (as listed here), but a MSRP of $2,999. (as shown on Vanns

    Unless Vanns are lying about the MSRP? Which I doubt.

    But Samsung must lower the MAP at some point, as clearly in 8 months time, they will have to reduce that price!

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